Thursday, 20 October 2016

The resilience scheme embedded in Curriulum for Excellence

Or should we call it more indoctrination of children?

As Theresa May, former Home Secretary, and now unelected UK Prime Minister has clarified: she wants to tackle non-violent extremism. Why?

As she explains about potential extremists: "They`re conducive to terrorism and can popularise views that terrorists exploit."

Obviously, non-violent extremism is a concept  difficult to define.

But that is no worry for governments - of any description - and that includes the Scottish government which has played along with the absurdity of  Theresa May`s views.

Child protection, the children`s hearing system, governance of schools, are [systems] all being transformed in Scotland at the moment to accommodate PREVENT into GIRFEC and the Named Person scheme. Everything they are doing is about managing the itsy bitsy detail of personal life.
They intend to run a very tight ship. 
I  have been challenged on my recent assertion of those facts. 
`PREVENT`, of course, is the Westminster strategy to deal with terrorism by tackling non-violent extremism before it escalates into violence.  So proactive is it, that it expects nursery carers to report on toddlers if they have suspicions about a little child`s behaviour.

As I have linked above there is a document, supported by Education Scotland, which embeds `PREVENT` within Curriculum for Excellence. Given that GIRFEC and wellbeing are at the heart of the school curriculum, it stands to reason that this resilience education, as they call it, is at the heart of the curriculum too, with the Named Person there to coordinate these government objectives.

 It`s one big surveillance system.

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