Sunday, 30 October 2016

Childline appeals for volunteers

"Dame Esther Rantzen has urged more people to volunteer for Childline as the service she founded marks its 30th anniversary."

"She made the call as she visited the charity`s Glasgow base, which has handled 640,700 counselling sessions since it opened in 1990..."

"Childline has responded to the growth in the online world by offering counselling online as well as on the phone, and needs more volunteers to help meet the demand."

"More than two-thirds of contacts to Childline are now online, but it takes ten times longer to counsel a child when answers have to be typed, and the charity can only answer three out of every four children who contact the services."

I find it difficult to trust Dame Esther Rantzen and I am reminded of the police whistleblower who spoke to Brian Gerrish on UK Column Despatches:

"There`s no theory about it. This is conspiracy reality. And I was in the centre of a very horrible conspiracy. And so far I couldn`t tell anyone. I genuinely thought they would come for me and come for my children. And the other thing is I`ve seen first hand what the care system is, and there`s nothing caring about it. You know it`s a paedophile`s playground.... The other thing is I was working with informants and a lot of these informants had been in the care system and one of them turned round to me and said: `Whatever you do, never let your children go into care because what`ll happen is, if you aint there` - one of my kids was a little bit behind with things; I`d been telling him about it - `they`ll go for him straight away`..."

"I shut my mouth for quite a while. And then what happened was the Jimmy Savile scandal broke and I thought: `My God. It`s not just me. There`s others...`"

"I was asked this when I was interviewed as a witness. And they said: `Why do you think they did this?` And I said: `Well, because they`re involved. There is a cover-up and these people are appointed into these key positions. They have total governance of all these allegations. So they can`t be dealt with by any other unit... It`s like a filter. And then internally in this unit they will be filtered again; what gets proceeded and what doesn`t ... So these people are put in place to make sure these allegations don`t get out. And it`s not just that. All the years that I worked in this remit we would get what we call referrals. Referrals could come from schools. Referrals could come from playgroups, from wherever. And all the years I worked on child abuse investigations, I was aware of only once a referral coming through from NSPCC, only once. Now bear in mind they`ve got ChildLine and those kids that will be ringing ChildLine ... Why didn`t they ever come through?... And these people are filtered. And my opinion ... at least, they were deliberately put in there to protect those who are involved." 

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