Sunday, 16 October 2016

NHS Tayside is to reconsider information governance

More coverage of the NHS Tayside leaflet, and its announced withdrawal, from Michael Blackley in the Daily Mail:

"NHS Tayside`s letters had pointed out that `your own details or those of your child may be disclosed to other professionals, for example, school nurse, health visitor, social work and GP. ` It added: `This follows guidance from the Scottish Government`."

"However, in response to the complaint, NHS Tayside said: `Action has been taken to withdraw the leaflet from distribution and to carefully reconsider NHS Tayside information governance procedures in the area and the Chief Nurse, Children and Families, NHS Tayside is facilitating the changes in practice`."

"When he announced a delay in the roll-out of Named Persons until next August, Mr Swinney was criticised for insisting all councils operating pilot schemes should `continue to develop and deliver a Named Person service in your area`, as long as they meet the `existing legal framework`."

"The Information Commissioner`s Office has insisted that all information sharing elements of current Named Persons schemes are in compliance with the requirements of the Data Protection Act."

"But Mrs Scott [Tymes Trust] said. `Given the NHS Tayside situation, that would appear not to be the case and there are clearly processes in place that could lead to unlawful practice`."

"`John Swinney has stubbornly maintained the Named Person pilot schemes currently operating across the country are unaffected by the ruling from the UK Supreme Court`."

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