Thursday, 13 October 2016

Racial profiling

"As a result of new government requirements, schools are collecting data on the birthplace and nationality of students through letters and texts to parents. But for father Famillie Gerstner, with a child at the Hilton Primary school in Derby, that amounts to `racial profiling`. And he isn’t having it:"

"Gerstner’s response contains a series of brilliant jokes often centring on the 2016 Conservative Party Conference."

"When the letter asks `class?`, Gerstner replies `Libertarian elite`, mocking Theresa May’s conference speech comment blaming the liberal elite along with `left-wing human rights lawyers` for societal woes."

"Asked for his family’s home language, he listed `love`, a universal language that, significantly, transcends borders."

"And Gerstner kept it lighthearted with his final pun. When the letter asked `mother tongue?`, he replied: `average size`."

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