Friday, 28 October 2016


According to Dr Sandy Gluckmann who tries to turn childrearing into a matter of brain chemistry: "Every moment when a parent interacts with his or her child is an opportunity to promote a healthy brain chemistry, just as the NeuroParenting techniques do."

On the other hand, opponents have this to say about the consequences of this type of so-called expert advice:

"Parents are deprived of the authority that depends on their moral
autonomy. Children are regarded fatalistically as the products of
objective circumstances, as their subjective agency is also implicitly disparaged. Parents lose their true parental status and are redefined as professional caregivers. The wider community of family and neighbourhood, and other sources of informal support and guidance, are dismissed (as much too risky)."

Read the `Expert Invasion of Family Life`:

The Named Person scheme in Scotland has the same debilitating effect.

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