Sunday, 16 October 2016

Head teacher is mortified by her behaviour

"Gillian Rew, who was the principal of Arbroath High, told a fitness to teach panel that she drank more than a bottle of wine while on a school trip with sixth year students in Lockerbie."

"She also admitted making `inappropriate comments` and engaging in `improper contact` with S6 pupils during an evening disco at the adventure weekend in September 2014."

"She told at the General Teaching Council for Scotland hearing: `I honestly don’t think they (the pupils) were uncomfortable. I think they saw it as a bit of light-hearted banter`."

"Presented with witness statements from pupils, she accepted some of them may have felt uncomfortable with her behaviour."

One pupil after the incident said they were `all uncomfortable and awkward`. Another said: `I was shocked`."

"`I am mortified,` Mrs Rew told the hearing. `I think the word mortified is actually not quite strong enough to describe my actions`."

"She added: `Throughout my career I have always placed their care and welfare at the heart of my practice, but on this occasion, as child protection officer, I fell short.`"

She also said that she had consumed about eight glasses of sauvignon blanc from a box and could not remember what had happened.

If we are to believe her then we must accept that she honestly did not think (the pupils) were uncomfortable with what she could not remember doing.

Yeah right.  Another child protection officer bites the dust.

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