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Mental health connections

[UK Column 7th June 2019 ]

"This is a website which has this amazing story:  `UK University to monitor social media accounts to identify suicidal students` and it`s by a gentleman called David McCourt."

"`Northumbria University in the North East of England is set to take the radical step of using data collected from students` social media accounts in a bid to reduce climbing student suicide rates. The higher educational institution, located in Newcastle upon Tyne, will create an Early Alert Tool to offer aid to undergrads in crisis`."

"So this was a bit more of it. So the university is working in partnership with nine other organisations on the project and they`ve been awarded funding by the Office for Students (OfS). A total of £14.5 million has been put aside by OfS, £6 million of which will go to the social media scanning project, and another £8.5 million going to nine other collaborative projects."

"Now I find this quite extraordinary," says Brian Gerrish, "That these sums of money are being put into watching students` social media. "

"This is another paragraph: `Few details were given about what information exactly would be mined from students` social media accounts. The project will raise concerns about the invasion of privacy, but these issues could be eased somewhat by an opt-in policy that requires students to consent to being part of the program`."

"Now we spoke to the Office for Students and said: `Well, are students going to be able to opt in or opt out? And they said to us that: `Well they don`t know at the moment because the project hasn`t really been formulated`. So we`ve given money for a project which the donor of that public money doesn`t even know what these key details are about."

Mike Robinson comments: "So they`re going to hoover up all this data. Now twitter, facebook and so on, they provide apps to do that. So take part in those platforms, anybody can hoover up your data. But the question here for me is: is this going to end at identifying people that are at risk of suicide or perhaps will they be looking at other forms of thought crime?"

Brian Gerrish: "Well is this just going to be one arm of the Prevent strategy and project Channel, so that if you dare express anything the state believes is right wing extremist you`re going to be reported through to the Prevent system?"

"Let`s have a look at what the Chief Executive said. This is Nicola Dandridge and she said: `Whenever I talk to students, improving mental health support is consistently raised as a priority. Taking preventative action to promote good mental health is critical, as is taking a whole institution approach and involving students in developing solutions..."

"So apparently, we`re at the stage where students are not thinking about their education and how good that education is, they`re preoccupied with their mental health. If that`s true, we`re in a pretty serious position. I`m not sure what the truth is, but we`ll just follow this through a bit."

"Here`s the Office for Students. They`re independent, Mike, as always. They were appointed by central government, and they`re connected through to central government, but they are independent." 

"And we`ve got some interesting people here. Here`s Sir Michael Barber, the chair, and he started out as chief adviser to the Secretary of State for Education in 1997 and he was part of the Prime Minister`s Delivery Unit. So very much an establishment man but everything is independent of government here. And he did a little bit of work with consultancy McKinsey who, of course, has done a lot of work in most governments."

"We`ve got Gurpreet Dehal. He`s a trustee of the multi-school academy trust E-ACT. He also holds non-executive positions with the Ministry of Defence and Equity UK..."

"And we`ve got Martin Coleman, deputy chairman of the board and chairs the Provider Risk Committee. And I found this interesting... he`s a trustee of an organisation called Police Now. I had no idea what that was. So we followed through. Here it is."

"`Join us, change the story, and `Police Now is on a mission to `transform communities, reduce crime and increase the public`s confidence in policing by recruiting and developing outstanding and diverse individuals to be leaders in society and on the policing frontlines`. So you`re not a policeman any more. You`re going to be changing the whole of society."

Mike Robinson: "So this is Common Purpose for police."

"It`s Common Purpose for police; I would say so. And we`ve got some interesting people here. So we`ve got a David Spencer,  co-founder and chief executive officer. He was an officer in the Met Police. So I suppose that makes sense. But he`s done a lot of political degrees... If you have a look at the bottom."

`Dave has a Business degree from the University of Sheffield, a Masters degree in US Politics from the University of London, and is currently studying his research Masters in Politics from the University of London`. 

"We`ve got another police constable there, Tor Garnett... So Sir Ian Powell we`ve got, left Pricewaterhouse Coopers on 13th of June 2016 on completion of his second and final four year term as chairman and senior partner.  Pricewaterhouse, of course, very interesting company with lots of very big government contracts, but he then joined the board of Capita PLC on 1st September as chairman designate. So he`s chairman of Police Now and a member of the committee for the National Gallery."

"So interesting connections. And the other gentleman there, James Darley - well he`s been working in graduate recruitment and he`s got a background in credit Swiss bank. And it`s just interesting to say how does this relationship work? [It`s] where we`re really coming to. And I can`t explain it."

"No," says Mike Robinson.

"We could go on a little bit more. We`ll just do these. Director general for tax and welfare at HM Treasury, James Bowler. So he, according to this report, is the Director General for tax and welfare at HM Treasury."

Mike Robinson: "But he`s helping Police Now transform secure society."


"Good stuff."


Mike Robinson: "I mean what can we say about this?"

"Not a lot."

Friday, 14 June 2019

Edinburgh taxi outing

ACE awareness

John Swinney MSP referring to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) at the ACE aware nation conference and his ambition that Scotland will be the first ACE-aware nation in the world========================
The Scottish Review:

"Nobody would dispute that childhood, adversity and development are important when it comes to adult 'mental health' and physical health, especially in people who present with issues in adulthood, but the evidence on ACEs does not support a 'risk preventative' psycho-social public health policy that targets everybody, especially children who are 'well'... "

"... Children as young as a five are asked to reflect upon relationships, emotions and their families. Psychological projection tools are used which encourage such reflection and yield much information (i.e., qualitative data) on children's families, lifestyles, struggles, problems and difficulties. "

"Anecdotal reports are suggesting that younger children are becoming confused and distressed with this aspect of the school curriculum (an ACE in itself?). And these 'lessons' are conducted without informed consent or consultation with parents..."

"The Scottish Government have been here before; their failed Named Person Scheme proposal was deemed by the courts to be unnecessarily intrusive, destructive of family life and highly totalitarian. With ACEs, who some critics believe is the Named Person Plan B, we are again getting into totalitarian lands."

"These curricular developments are wholly inappropriate; the school is not a place where you meddle with the 'mental health' of a child, or extract information from them on issues pertaining to 'mental health' and well-being."

Friday, 7 June 2019

No lessons for climate change activist

"Teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg will take a year out of school and travel to the US to continue her campaign to promote environmental protection."

"The teen kicked off the hugely popular ‘school strike’ movement last year for kids to push their elders into taking a serious stand to tackle the devastating effects of climate change and safeguard their future..."

"As part of her commitment to the cause of reducing carbon emissions, Thunberg does not travel by plane. Accepting an invite to the UN’s special climate change meeting in New York in September means a lengthy transatlantic voyage ahead, so she’s decided to take a sabbatical year to make the journey."

"Thunberg also plans to attend the UN Cop25 climate change summit in Santiago, Chile in December."
 A comment under the RT article:

But the percentage of various greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is not the only fact that has been misunderstood by Greta.

Here is UK Column`s Mike Robinson, along with Patrick Henningsen from 21st Century Wire, who recount Greta`s good news towards the end of the programme:

"I just wanted to end on a positive note," says Robinson, "Because really `good news,` Patrick: Greta Thunberg, the teen climate change campaigner ... is taking a year off from school so she can go to the United States and, in fact, America in general to promote her policies to deal with climate change."

Patrick Henningsen: "Sacrificing her own education for the sake of the climate ..." 

"So you`ll be glad to know, of course, she runs this campaign about Flight Shame.  So, apparently, she is not going to fly to the Americas and the United States. She`s going to take a boat which is really a bit unfortunate because this organisation ... reported to the Guardian in 2016 that if you`re on a plane, aircraft use 0.257 kg of CO2 per passenger mile. But unfortunately ships use 0.43 kg of CO2 per passenger mile. So this is a little unfortunate for poor dear old Greta. She clearly hasn`t considered this..." 

Patrick Heningsen: "Well maybe it`s better, Mike, that young Greta takes the plane instead of the ship. And if she does that then she won`t need to take the year off school because she`ll be spending less time travelling by boat..."

Operation Grange continues and many ask: why ?

"The Home Office has agreed to keep funding the hunt for missing Madeleine McCann for another year."

"An application had been made by the Metropolitan Police Service for a further £300,000 to keep the investigation going until the end of March 2020."

"Today the Home Office confirmed the investigation would get `similar` funding to last financial year, when it got £300,000."

"The British police investigation, called Operation Grange, has cost £11.75 million since it began in 2013."

Read more

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Outside Rampton secure hospital

[Published on 16 May 2019]

"Melanie Shaw is currently incarcerated at Rampton Secure Hospital, and there are many questions as to who wants her there and how this goal was achieved. Laura Thomas asks questions about this disturbing case."

"Many thanks to local Retford resident Sid Pepper for the filming. Sid is always happy to assist with local causes."

"This is Laura Thomas's 4th video for Melanie Shaw."

Rampton Secure Hospital -

Toxic environments

"Four teachers at a Scottish school built on a toxic landfill site have developed the same rare form of cancer."

"All the staff members were diagnosed with bladder cancer."

"Three of them worked in the same corridor at Buchanan High School in Coatbridge, where pupils and staff were told not to drink the tap water after it turned blue."

"Meanwhile, a mother is demanding to know whether her autistic son’s sudden blindness is linked to contamination at the site of the Lanarkshire school after he was found to have high levels of arsenic..."

"North Lanarkshire Council said: `The safety of pupils and staff is the council’s primary concern. While it is regrettable that any pupil or member of staff suffers from a serious illness, there is no credible evidence to suggest that any such illness has been caused by environmental factors associated with the school site or copper previously being present in the drinking water supply`."

Cell phone masts - another cancer scare

Thursday, 23 May 2019

Psychological torture in specialist hospital

"The abuse and mistreatment of vulnerable adults at a specialist hospital has been uncovered by the BBC's Panorama programme."

"Undercover BBC filming shows staff intimidating, mocking and restraining patients with learning disabilities and autism at Whorlton Hall, County Durham."

"Experts said the culture was deviant at the privately-run NHS-funded unit with evidence of `psychological torture`."

"A police investigation has been launched and 16 staff suspended."

"The 17-bed hospital is one of scores of such units in England that provide care for just below 2,300 adults with learning disabilities and autism."

"Many are detained under the Mental Health Act."

"Glynis Murphy, professor of clinical psychology and disability at Kent University's Tizard Centre, said much of what Panorama had found was the `absolute antithesis` of good care."

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Prosecution failures in Scotland

[UK Column News 10 May 2019]

"This is the Times here: `..Child abuse inquiry to look at Crown Office `failings`. Is it really going to do that?" asks Mike Robinson, "Or ... is that just another throw away headline?"

"That`s an excellent question," is David Scott`s response.  "... Now there have certainly been Crown Office failings... `The Crown Office is organised crime` is a phrase that keeps coming up. The Crown Office... are the only means of any prosecution in Scotland. All prosecutions go through the Crown Office; therefore anything that`s not prosecuted, [that is] held up, [is the responsibility of] the Crown Office; it`s a completely obscure organisation."

"We don`t have any access. It`s all confidential. We don`t know what`s happening in there and of the cases that the police investigate, that are considered to have a good prospect of successful conviction, forty percent of those are decided by the Crown Office to not be cases they want to take forward, and never see the light of day in a court room. Forty percent is in this discard pile. So there are many things about the Crown Office that are very worrying."

"Now there are also many things about the official inquiry that are very worrying."

From the article: 

"The official inquiry into historical child abuse in Scotland is expected to investigate alleged failures by prosecutors to protect vulnerable children in care."

"The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service admitted that it was likely to be the focus of future investigation by the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry."

"Officials conceded that the body may have been `deficient` in the past. `It is anticipated that future stages of the inquiry will require the institutions charged with the investigation and prosecution of crime to face up, candidly and critically, to the practices and policies of years gone by` a spokesman said."  

Remarking on the statement, `The officials conceded that the body may have been deficient in the past,` David Scott added: "Notice it is always in the past," and further on in response to `It... will require the institution charged with the investigation and prosecution of crime to face up candidly and critically to the practices and policies of years gone by, he commented: "Again always painted as `it`s perfect now, but it wasn`t then`. And there`s no explanation as to how this miraculous change ever happened."
The article goes on:

"It comes after John Halley, a lawyer appointed to the inquiry, suggested that vulnerable young people in care were being let down raising his concerns about child trafficking through prostitution of children in care in a report sent to Lady Smith, the inquiry`s chairwoman. Mr Halley cited several cases that never came to court despite evidence of trafficking and sexual abuse of children in care,` the Sunday Times reported. `Some victims were linked to senior figures within the legal establishment... And Mr Halley said `I will not be complicit nor tolerate cover-up and failure to report or investigate systemic failures."

In addition, David Scott informs listeners and viewers that Mr Halley put the following statement on twitter: 

"I have been absent from work since 28 October 2016. On 10 October 2016, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. On 31 October 2016, I underwent a right hemicolectomy in surgery lasting some 4 hours at Borders General Hospital, Scotland. Between 6 December 2016 and June 2017, I underwent 8 cycles of chemotherapy. I have been unable to return to work since then."

"Prior to and after my diagnosis of cancer, I have held appointment as Lead Junior Counsel to the SCAI [Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry]. On 1 April 2019, I submitted a detailed `Note` running to in excess of 17,500 words, on Child Trafficking Through Prostitution of Children in Care in Scotland to Lady Smith, Chair of the SCAI. By letter dated 15 April 2019, Julie-Anne Jamieson, SCAI Secretary, informed me that Lady Smith has decided that the Note is comprised of material that I ought not to have been working on. I refute that entirely. I was instructed and I did investigate and report. The Note sets out a summary of my remit, important facts, allegations, inferences and sources for investigation by the SCAI. It is clear to me that Lady Smith has decided that the SCAI will not investigate the material detailed in the Note."

"Since 1 September 2016, I have had to suffer disability discrimination, harassment and victimisation by Lady Smith. I will deal with that in an application to the Employment Tribunal when I am well enough. However, I will not be complicit in, nor tolerate cover-up and failure to report or to investigate systemic failures, including prosecution policy failures, which appear to have perpetrated injustice on vulnerable young people in care in Scotland. I will not permit the serious allegations, detailed in my Note, of past child exploitation, and failures to report suspicions of child exploitation, by lawyers, judges, public figures and others, to be ignored."

"I have today reported by Note to Mr Graham Fraser, Procurator Fiscal for Scottish Borders Area. I understand that the Procurator Fiscal will report the Note and its content directly to the Lord Advocate if, having considered its content, he is satisfied of the duty to do so. I have felt compelled to immediately report the Note to the Procurator Fiscal in the public interest. However this is spun the facts remain."

"In order to ensure necessary safeguarding of our children going forward, Scotland and our survivors of child abuse require the truth."

Returning to David Scott, he remarks: "So Lady Smith has been asked to investigate the Procurator Fiscal Service because the Procurator Fiscal Service has let down the survivors of child sexual abuse."

"Meanwhile the Procurator Fiscal Service has been asked to investigate a case where Lady Smith has let down the survivors of child sexual abuse. And out of this we hope for truth and justice."

"It does not look good."

For more cover-ups, see UK Column`s article HERE which refers to the tape which Lady Smith refused to release to now deceased child abuse campaigner Robert Green.


"In Great Britain, children’s cancer incidence has increased by more than 40% since the late 1960s."

"The reasons for this are poorly understood, though improvements in diagnosis and registration are likely to have played a part."

Managed Service Network for Children and Young People with Cancer

See `The Business of Cancer`

`Ignorant codswallop` from Belgium

"Doctors in Belgium have called for parents who raise their children as vegans to face prosecution after a number of deaths in schools, nurseries and hospitals."

"It is estimated that 3 percent of Belgian children are forced to follow the strict diet, which rules out any animal products, including dairy and eggs."

"The Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium published a legal opinion on Thursday, which could influence future court judgments and is the first time a health authority has taken a position on veganism in the country..."

"Professor Casimir warned that such a strict regime would now legally qualify as `non-assistance to a person in danger`, a crime which carries a sentence of up to two years and fines in Belgium."

"A person cannot be convicted of the 1961 offence if he is unaware the person is in danger but the legal opinion now made it common knowledge that a vegan diet can kill, he told Le Soir..."

"Dawn Carr, of PETA, said, `What a load of ignorant codswallop! NHS nutritionists confirm that while a meat- and dairy-based diet is what strikes people down in adulthood as it can lead to hardened arteries that cause stroke, brain aneurysms, and heart attacks a well-planned vegan diet is perfect for babies and children."

Plant Pure Nation - spreading the word about the health benefits of a plant based diet:

Sunday, 28 April 2019

A peculiar death cult

In Glasgow:

"Environmental campaigners have staged a `die-in` protest under the skeleton of a dinosaur in a Glasgow museum."

"Extinction Rebellion Scotland said about 300 people took part in the protest at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum."

[If it wasn`t for the extinction of the dinosaurs, human beings would never have evolved. So what`s the symbolism here?]

In London:
"It`s a bit odd isn`t it, that the protesters have chosen Easter holiday week  - because they`re urging the government to take action and meet with them - but the government are on an Easter break ?"  [Sam]

The Thunberg family

"Teenage activist Greta Thunberg's mother has hit back at suggestions that she is secretly masterminding her schoolgirl phenomenon daughter's global climate change campaign..."

"Malena, 48, is a classically trained opera singer who has performed in theatres across the world including Berlin, Vienna and Amsterdam, as well as her native Stockholm."

"She broke into pop music in 2009 when she represented Sweden in the Eurovision song contest in Moscow, with her song, La Voix [the voice]..."

"She married Swedish actor Svante Thunberg in 2004, shortly after the birth of their first child Greta."

"The family live in a sprawling apartment in a sought-after part of central Stockholm. The flat has views over one of the many rivers that pass through Sweden’s capital and is within walking distance of the country’s parliament..."

"Malena was forced to defend herself as speculation swirled in Sweden that Greta's campaign was stage-managed with a PR guru to promote a book that she has written about Greta's battle with Asperger's Syndrome."

Read More

Piers Corbyn, someone you don`t see on the BBC, gives his alternative views about the cause of climate change.

Thursday, 25 April 2019

The Glastonbury experiment

"A 'weapons grade' phone technology that has sparked health concerns - and been linked with a spate of suicides at Bristol University - will be tested at Glastonbury Festival..."

"A 5G mobile network is to be trialled during Glasto as part of EE's ongoing trials of the technology. 5G is the next generation of mobile network and is expected to begin publicly rolling out later this year, offering internet speeds up to double that of current generation 4G. EE has said it will install five temporary masts across the Worthy Farm site, which will enable festival-goers to connect to 2G, 3G, 4G and - for the first time 5G - networks. The trial will be the first time the technology has been installed at a festival."

"While many scientists believe 5G is perfectly safe, some - including a public health professor at the University of California - have described 5g as `a massive experiment on the health of all species`."


"A Silicon-valley engineer turned technology health advocate, Jeromy Johnson discusses our attachment to technology and the health hazards such an addiction may hold. "

Despite the health warnings, along comes an even more powerful wifi technology, as this commenter on the above video has said.

Statistics show increase in missing children from care

It looks like Ann Coffey MP wants the opportunity to produce yet another report despite the situation deteriorating year on year.

"MPs are to launch an inquiry into the record number of children missing from care in England."

"Ann Coffey, who heads the all-parliamentary group for runaway and missing children and adults, is to invite those working in this area to give their views about the risks faced by children who go missing after being sent miles away from their homes for care."

"Coffey also wants to explore how many of these children are then lured into drug gangs as part of the so-called county lines phenomenon."

"Data obtained through a parliamentary question by the MP shows an increase of 1,000 children going missing from care homes since 2015, after being moved to new areas often miles from their homes, known as an `out of area placement`."

When will it dawn on her that she has all the information she needs and that it is action that is required to prevent further abuse? For example, around care homes, paedophile groups often ensnare vulnerable children with drugs but the police, social workers and others turn a blind eye. Breaking the bond between children and their families increases their vulnerability.

Given Ann Coffey`s background she must be aware of these links, surely.


"Elected in 1992, Ann Coffey is the Member of Parliament for Stockport. Before she was elected she worked with children and families as a senior social worker."

"She is the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Runaway and Missing Children and Adults which produced a report in 2012 into children missing from care and the link betwen missing and child sexual exploitation. The APPG produced a further report in 2016 into Safeguarding of Absent Children."

More research required for vulnerable children

[From Ann Memmott`s blog]

"Currently, there is no evidence based practice for the treatment of trauma [for autistic individuals]".

"Those are words from a recent paper looking at ideas for how to help autistic children who have experienced traumatic events. The paper, by Slack and Lucyshyn (2018), can be found at "

"I must admit that when I read this, I didn't know quite what to say."

"We know that autistic children experience high levels of bullying. We know that they are seen as a target by predators. We know that many show distress behaviour, and many express a wish to end their own lives."

"We know there is likely to be an autistic child in every classroom, from the most recent research into numbers of autistic individuals."

"But no-one knows how to help an autistic child who shows signs of trauma (for example Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder..."

Read More

Professor Tony Attwood explains some of the characteristics of those on the autism spectrum.

[Note: the term `aspergers` has fallen into disrepute although many believe it still has its uses.]

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Melanie Shaw confined without limit

"Melanie Shaw, the woman who was one of the first people to report historic sex abuse at Beechwood children`s home, has been given a hospital order and will stay in Rampton to be treated."

"The 48-year-old was sentenced today, Tuesday April 2, after setting fire to the bedding in her prison cell because she felt her human rights were being abused."

"At Leeds Crown Court she was given a section 37 hospital order, which means that she will be sent to hospital for treatment, rather than to prison."

"But she was also given a section 41 restriction order, which can be added to a hospital order if the court feels the person is a risk to the public - and which has no fixed time limit..."

"Making the hospital order - which needs evidence from two doctors - Judge Penelope Belcher said that 40 pages of reports had been provided by the doctors, providing details of Shaw`s medical history, background, previous convictions and attitude."

"She said: `Both doctors are of the view this lady will respond to treatment, and there is a bed available`."

"`Both doctors are also of the view a section 41 restriction order is necessary. The order should be known as a restriction order..."

"Under the Mental Health Act 1983, as amended by the Mental Health Act 2007, a section 37 hospital order can be granted for up to six months at a time, can then be renewed for a further six months, and then for one year at a time."

"However, if a section 41 restriction order is imposed, for the 'protection of the public from serious harm', this changes the time limit of the hospital order, and has no fixed time limit."

"It means that the person can only be discharged with permission from the Secretary of State for Justice."

"It has also been claimed on social media that Melanie is currently not allowed to receive visitors at Rampton, with it being `in the patient's best interests not to have contact with anyone`."

"Nottinghamshire Live has been unable to confirm this, as both the Ministry of Justice and Nottinghamshire Healthcare Trust, which runs Rampton Hospital, say they do not comment on individual cases."

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Detectives told to ignore VIP paedophiles

"A Scotland Yard detective claims he was told to ignore VIPs during a paedophile probe now being investigated by the police watchdog." 

"Former Chief Inspector Howard Groves, who served in the murder squad during a distinguished 34-year career, was investigating a West End paedophile ring with alleged links to MPs and TV stars in the 1980s."

"Detectives found that boys as young as 14 were being supplied to men in Piccadilly Circus in an area known by the boys as ‘the meat rack`..."

"Mr Groves, now 58, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘I remember we were called to a meeting [and] told by a senior officer that if we found any establishment figures involved, the investigation would be stopped`."

"Names of MPs, celebrities and businessmen did surface during the inquiry though Mr Groves, who retired in 2014, wasn’t privy to them and 25 men were convicted."

"The operation was led by Met Commander Trevor Lloyd-Hughes, who died in 1986 amid claims of soliciting male prostitutes." 

The cover-up of child abuse by the whole system

Talking about the David Steel suspension and referring to a previous photograph of him with Cyril Smith, Brian Gerrish says: "I chose one of their photographs there as the backdrop because this sums up British politics, doesn`t it? It`s all jovial old boy network where they`re all upstanding right honourable people. And on the left we have the seasoned campaigner. On the right we have the new boy on the block, who`s been brought in. Obviously, that`s a very young Steel in the picture."

With reference to Lord Steel`s remarks at the child abuse inquiry in connection with what he knew about Cyril Smith, Brian Gerrish continues: "And the point that you`ve just made is this: It is effectively what Lord Steel had to say `It had nothing to do with me`. This is utterly incredible... Somebody said a few minutes ago in our chat box: `It`s all coming to the surface` and I think a certain amount is."

"Let`s see what he really said. Lord Steel said he had assumed that Smith had committed the offences, but ... he took no further action because: `It was before he was an MP, before he was even a member of my party. It had nothing to do with me`."

"So it`s almost as though if you get selected to be in a party you`re immediately in the boys` club and you`re protected from anything you`ve been involved in, prior to that. These are amazingly deceptive words that are coming out from this man."

"And, of course, everywhere we probe into politics in UK we`re coming up with the abuse of children. So let`s go on through. He said: `I had already told the inquiry in writing that in my opinion he had been abusing his position in Rochdale Council [that is to gain access to council-run children`s homes], but that had been properly a matter for the police and the council, and not for me as he was neither an MP nor even a member of the Liberal Party at the time`."

"But the statement we`re constantly getting from MPs when you take issues of child abuse to them is: `Oh it`s not in my constituency, you`ll need to go and see the MP [in] whose constituency this crime has taken place`. We`ve experienced this from many many MPs across all the parties. They attempt to hide from doing something about criminality by saying it isn`t in their constituency or `Oh well it`s not in my party`..."

"Lord Steel also described recommending Smith for a knighthood in 1988 and said he did not pass on any allegations about the sexual abuse of children because `I was not aware of any such allegations other than the matter referred to... which appeared to have been fully investigated`."

"David are we to believe that our MPs and senior politicians are so naïve? I can`t accept that. I believe that these people knew. They knew full well. They probably didn`t want to get dirty and touch the tarbaby..."

David Scott responds by asking: "Who were his colleagues at this time? We had Clement Freud; we had Jeremy Thorpe; we had the fat man. It was a very strange company, the Liberals, at this time. Very odd indeed. The nature of the excuses - Yes, it`s partly: `It`s not my concern; I don`t want to know;` partly political cowardice. But also there`s a strange legalising mindset `Oh this has been properly investigated by the authorities therefore I couldn`t possibly comment; it wouldn`t be appropriate`... Very good reasons to do nothing."

Brian Gerrish: "Well we`re going to have a look at some of the ways in which child abuse and the investigation of child abuse is shut down, but let`s carry on with what this good man had to say..."

Lord Steel is reported to have said:  "`I was reinforced in my view by reading the previous report of the inquiry sent to me today, which says inter alia `the Crown Prosecution Service found that the advice which had previously been given could not be faulted (given the law and guidance in place at the time) and that the Honours Scrutiny Committee had seriously considered his nomination for a knighthood and sent a `warning of risk letter` to Margaret Thatcher as PM and that clearly she took a similar view as he was granted the knighthood`."

"So now the smear starts to track around. I knew, or I thought he`d been doing something; certainly I understood enough ... that he was trying to get access to children - but not really my responsibility - but I did point it out to Margaret Thatcher, but she didn`t do anything either. Therefore it must be alright. So we now see the trail leading back into the Conservative party and Margaret Thatcher, as we`ll see in a minute, when we come on to Ted Heath.  But David, this is becoming child`s play, to watch a political system absolutely squirming as more and more evidence comes to the surface, that senior politicians had not only been abusing children, that their whole political system has been covering up that abuse."

David Scott: "Yes. It seems to me that the only thing you need is someone to blame it on. There`s no other requirement. `I have a minimum degree of plausible deniability. I will not actually be criminally convicted over hiding this information. Therefore I hide it. Is that where the bar is ? It seems to be. And I come back to: HE NOMINATED THE MAN FOR A KNIGHTHOOD."


"This is just disgusting."

"It`s disgusting. It`s as disgusting as Boris Johnson and to me his comments ... mm ... yeah.... So follow it through because we`ve got more to come. Let`s go on: `It`s unfortunate that some sections of the media have chosen to extract certain passages of evidence and present them without the full context. The inquiry has a serious and sensitive job to undertake and spinning evidence to generate sensationalist headlines only serves to distract from the panel`s search of the truth`."

Mike Robinson reminds listeners and viewers: "But the panel isn`t searching for the truth."

There`s a slight laugh from Gerrish: "I`m coming there Mike. But here, what is he doing? He`s using the key bit of now trying to turn the whole .... thing on its head. It`s the nasty media who are spinning the truth by actually telling the truth. But as you`ve said, quite rightly, if we take that last comment there, he said er `spinning evidence to generate sensationalist headlines only serves to distract from the panel`s search of ... the truth`. But the panel is not searching for the truth because the panel has said so. So we`ve got Ms Jay herself saying: `This investigation is not examining the truth or otherwise of the individual allegations`."

"So I don`t know why Lord Steel should have his knickers in quite such a big twist because the panel is not investigating anything ... What`s he so frightened of ? I DON`T KNOW."

"Well let`s bring in the leader of the Lib Dems because Vince Cable has been remarkably silent. I could not find anything that had been reported in the media - maybe I missed it - but I couldn`t find anything where the leader of this illustrious Lib Dem party has commented on the matter. And David I think it`s very interesting that at least the party north of the border have the courage to actually say: `Well you know we`re going to deal with this matter`."

"So follow on through... We better bring in Nick Clegg and remember that back in 2010 Nick Clegg was leading the tributes to [quote] `larger-than-life ex-MP Sir Cyril Smith`. He said he was deeply saddened to hear of his death. He praised the veteran figure who was famous for his distinctive appearance and frequent television appearances - there`s a nice link into the BBC - But a little bit later, 2013, we got the Guardian reporting that Nick Clegg ignored letters from lawyers where victims were coming forward and talking about what Cyril Smith had been up to. And then here we`ve got the [Evening] Standard ... April 2014 where Clegg is trying to claim that he had no inkling of Cyril Smith`s `repugnant actions`. We are to believe that Nick Clegg led this very small party where I`m sure nobody could sneeze without the rest of the party knowing about it, but he didn`t know."

"And what now happens to Nick Clegg?  Well let`s remind ourselves that he`s now earning a million pounds a year working in Facebook and supposedly Facebook is now working hard to protect children. But Nick Clegg couldn`t do that when he was ... leader of the party, so is he going to do it within Facebook? Well I don`t know."

"I had a little look at Facebook`s commitment to child safety - and it`s only child safety online - it`s not actually protecting children - but it said at the bottom of the block of text: `For more information visit Facebook`s Family Safety Centre` which I did, but unfortunately that page was not available..."

Mike Robinson interjects with: "They`re not taking it seriously..."

"Well here he is: Nick Clegg, July 2014: `Allegations of Westminster paedophile ring are a `police matter` - Now we know what happens when people report it to the police, such as Jon Wedger, a policeman himself - the whole thing is shut down. So basically he`s saying he wants the truth to come out and justice to be done. `We`re dealing with allegations of such a serious criminal nature`. But a year before he was saying he didn`t know anything about it."

"Then there`s comment from Lord Brittan: `Initially stated yesterday that he had asked officials to look into the issue, and did not recall being contacted further about these matters by Home Office officials or by Mr Dickens (MP Geoffrey Dickens who prepared a vast document on abuses of children by politicians.) Brittan went on to say: `The Home Office independent review is entirely consistent with the action I set out in my earlier statement. Whilst I could not recall what further action was taken 30 years ago, the information contained in this report shows that appropriate action and follow-up happened`."


"Well if you consider cover-up appropriate action they did a very good job. Here he is, the Tory who discovered Nick Clegg. So Nick Clegg was one of Leon Brittan`s European boys. He was trained up in politics in the European system by Lord Brittan. This is a very very close little relationship. David, just a brief comment because I`ve got a little video clip that I want to show and then we can discuss it further."
"Do I not recall the Dickens dossier which exposed a good deal of this ended up in the hands of a north England local newspaper editor who was then incriminated by people including Cyril Smith."

"That is absolutely correct. But in fact the worst intimidation came from security services and senior police who told him that if he didn`t get rid of his information he was likely to have a very bad life. And of course that journalist was happy to talk about this openly a couple of years ago. He was silenced by the state from exposing the abuse of children by British politicians."

David Scott. "That`s the critical point... it`s the apparatus of the state that is being deployed by the likes of Cyril Smith for their own ends."

"Correct. So let`s just have a look at this little video clip..."

"This is Sonia Poulton and Bill Maloney who confronts Nick Clegg... Just watch what Nick Clegg does. You`ll see that very quickly..... he`s off."


"What did Bill Maloney say? `Nick ... four years ago I asked you what you were going to do about institutional paedophile rings operating in this country. Now... your reply to me was I don`t know what you mean by institutional paedophile rings ..."

"So I`ll leave our audience to think about that and Nick Clegg`s reactions."

"But I was slightly, I think, upset by some of the Lib Dem material where they were reporting Lord Steel`s membership suspension here. They closed the web page to comments. So clearly the public is not to comment on this issue. But when I looked at the Lib Deb party itself they are using this little image of a little girl to advertise the party. David, I saw this, and I thought: is it me being a little bit over-sensitive because of what`s happened? Why would you need an image of a little girl in order to advertise the Lib Dem party ?" 

"I don`t know. It`s a very strange choice..."

"Now we`re very short of time but let`s bring this in because going back to 2013, the UK Column produced: `Who nominated Jimmy Savile for his Knighthood?`"

"Let`s have a look at what we established..."

"Following a request for information on Jimmy Savile by Freedom of Information the Commission responded:" 

"Information request for `who nominated Jimmy Savile for a knighthood and the identities of those who offered letters of support`."

"Thank you for your correspondence dated `7 January 2012 in which you state you wish to have disclosure of who nominated Jimmy Savile for a knighthood and the identities of those who offered letters of support. You have stated that The Honours Committee is unable to provide this information, which you believe to be in the public interest."

"The Cabinet Office administers the honours system and details of that process are published at However Honours Committees are not directly subject to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FoIA) as the UK honours system is overseen by the Cabinet Office Honours and Appointments Secretariat."

"And finally we were told this:"

"Additionally there is a specific exemption under Section 37 of the FoIA in regard to information relating to the conferring by the Crown of any honour or dignity and further guidance can be found on our website at the `Freedom of Information Act Awareness Guidance No 26: Communications with Her Majesty and the Awarding of Honours and Nature of the honours nomination process and the public interest`."

"So we have got a secret system there running right to the monarchy itself which is prepared to protect people who abuse children and are given awards. This is a little bit obvious in my opinion, David, that we have the full collusion of the state here."


The programme ends with a discussion of the Times article: `Shamed politician`s daughter has job looking after Rotherham abuse victims`.
"The daughter of a disgraced politician who was implicated in the Rotherham sex-grooming scandal has been placed in charge of a support service for the town`s abuse victims. Norsheen Akhtar runs child sexual exploitation (CSE) programs for Rotherham Rise, a charity that receives most of its funding from the council. Her father Jahangir Akhtar, resigned as the council`s deputy leader in 2013 after he was implicated in the scandal."
"And I think it comments on her brothers there but I can`t remember exactly what was said. Now to me this is the circling of wagons. This is people desperately trying to protect themselves."

Mike Robinson: "Now just as a final comment While we`re talking about Rotherham and Rochdale - these are two areas where in recent years Asian paedophile rings have been in operation and there`s been a lot of scandal about that, but what Cyril Smith demonstrates because he was Rochdale counsellor and Rochdale MP is that the issue of child abuse in Rochdale has been one that`s gone back decades before any Asians were there. So, you know, the Asian paedophile rings could only have operated - and this has been a point that we`ve been trying to make for a very long time - could only have operated with the support of people within the councils and the police in those towns and so Cyril Smith demonstrates that, doesn`t he?"

Friday, 15 March 2019

Knife crime on the increase

"Defence secretary Gavin Williamson says military `ready to respond` to knife crime crisis," Brian Gerrish reads on UK Column News, Friday 8 March 2019.

"So we can`t get ships to sea; we can`t respond to Russian ships off the Scottish coast but now the military are going to deal with knife crime that, of course,.... has been allowed to fester and increase due to a British government policy to enable it to do just that."

"But it gets worse. Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police commissioner, had said she would be willing to bring in troops to support her officers, as they battle a spate of stabbings."

"So how is she going to do that? Are we going to have military patrols on the London streets or are we going to put troops on the underground? It`s very difficult to know particularly as we haven`t got enough troops to defend the country. But I`m sure Cressida, as a Common Purpose future leader, will be able to sort that out quite quickly."  

"Now back to the state of the nation and Mike yesterday you gave a very good breakdown of what had been taking place in Westminster with intelligence analyst Chris Donnelly from the Institute of Statecraft explaining the dangers of Russian expertise in the game `GO` at the Westminster Defence Committee hearing."

"This is a real picture; we haven`t created this in the UK Column; this is Westminster TV showing Chris Donnelly explaining the game `GO` to the Westminster Defence Committee because he says the Russians are very good at it."

"Well we`ve got a UK Column exclusive and that is that there`s been a response from Gavin Williamson."

"So Gavin Williamson is taking GO very seriously and those board games are going to go."

"Well that is the humour, pretty black. Let`s get into the reality of what Gavin Williamson and secretary of state are up to. Here`s a little bit more about Christ Donelly."

"As a graduate of Manchester University and reserve officer in the British Army intelligence Corps, Chris Donnelly helped to establish, and later headed, the British Army`s Soviet Studies Research Centre at RMA Sandhurst. Between 1989-2003, as Special Adviser to four NATO Secretaries General, he was closely involved in dealing with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the reform of the newly emerging democracies in Central and Eastern Europe. He left NATO in 2003 to set up and run the UK Defence Academy`s Advanced Research and Assessment Group. In 2010 he because co-Director of the Institute for Statecraft dealing with new security threats and responses - specifically, new forms of conflict and warfare and how to transform institutions so that they are fit for today`s rapidly changing security environment."

"Christ Donnelly has written three books as well as many articles on questions of defence, security, strategy and statecraft. He has held appointments as specialist Adviser to three UK Defence Secretaries (both Labour and Conservative) and was a member of PM Thatcher`s Soviet advisory team. He has also served as Specialist Adviser on the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee and currently serves in this role on the Defence Committee. He also is adviser to the Foreign Minister of Lithuania; is a Security and Justice Senior Mentor in the UK`s Stabilisation Unit; is Trustee of the London-based charities Active Change Foundation and Forward Thinking; serves as Honorary Colonel, SGMI; and sits on the official team responsible for scrutinising the current reform of the UK`s Reserve Forces for the Defence Secretary."
"And one of the things that we got interested in was that he was previously a trustee of the London based charity Active Change Foundation. He`s also involved in another one called Forward Thinking."

"Let`s have a look at Active Change. Here`s the funders, donors and partners and interestingly we see Institute for Statecraft there. We`ve got a lot of interesting people. We`ve got Boots involved and Barclays, a lot of local councils, Islington; we`ve got  the MET police somewhere there, all working to prevent violent crime and extremism." 

"Well we were fascinated to have a look at their team. Here`s Chris Donnelly, not quite as young as the photo there. But we also picked up on this gentleman, the chief executive of this charity and why were we interested in this man? Well let`s see what they say about this man. They say `A former foreign fighter himself, Hanif once joined Al Qaeda members in Afghanistan, but was deterred by the crimes he saw being committed against civilians and turned his back on them. Upon his return to the UK, he vowed to safeguard young men and women from similar experiences, losing their lives and harming their communities."

 "So we`ve got an Al Qaeda terrorist simply decides he`s going to come back into Britain and help teach the UK government how to stop violent crime. But we`ve just heard that violent crime, including knife crime, is on the increase. Is there any connection? I mean, who knows?" 

"But here we`ve got a terrorist, an Al Qaeda terrorist, coming back into the country and we`d like to ask the question: How does this happen? Let`s remember this young lady Shamima Begum - there`s a huge furore, that a teenager clearly went off the rails. We don`t know whether we can allow her back in because she`s been associating with ISIS."

"Sajid Javid has this to say: `My message is clear. If you have supported terrorist organisations abroad I will not hesitate to prevent your return..."

"So we`ve got a rather strange situation where a young girl who we can say, yes, she`s been involved with terrorists and she wants to come back in the country but we don`t really want her.  But we`ve got this gentleman who was an Al Qaeda terrorist who is freely operating and he seems to be operating alongside another man, supposedly advising the government about how to deal with terrorism, hybrid warfare and of course dangerous board games like GO."


Continued below on UK Column News:

Inquest into death of teenager

"An inquest has opened into the death of a teenage boy at a children`s home on Hayling Island."

"Damian Szarch, 17, died on Wednesday, March 6 while at Poppy Lodge, in Church Road."

"Portsmouth Coroners` Court is preparing the inquest into the teenager`s death..."

"Speaking last week, a spokeswoman for Poppy Lodge said: `An active investigation is currently being conducted by Hampshire police and we are unable to comment at this time`..."

"Poppy Lodge is run by Hillcrest Children`s Services Ltd and provides care and accommodation for up to seven young men with complex difficulties."

"It is rated outstanding by Ofsted, who last inspected in September last year."

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