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The silencing of Melanie Shaw

UK Column News reports on the Melanie Shaw case, 3 July 2018.

Following the Mentions hearing on 2 July, Melanie Shaw, the Beechwood child abuse survivor, is to appear at Leeds Crown Court on 10 July 2018.  Brian Gerrish goes on to say: "She is going to face arson and sexual assault charges and these alleged offences were, of course, carried out in prison."

"Now having said that there`s been huge confusion about what has been happening to Melanie. This is not unusual because it was happening at the very start of Melanie`s trials and tribulations, before she went into prison for the very first time and continued all the way through. But... 2 July, let`s have a little look at what we can report on that. So this was a hearing which was not posted publicly until a few days before. Now that can be normal. Sometimes it`s not, but the pattern with Melanie Shaw is usually postings publicly of her hearings are ... very late, if at all."

"But what do we know? Well the court hearing was a `Mentions hearing` and the UK Column was accurate in reporting that ... Some people saw a report that it was a `Non-compliance hearing` of a `community order`. That was never the case. It was to be a Mentions hearing and that is actually what took place. Now we understand that Melanie did not appear in court, nor did she appear by video link, and this is normal for the cases with Melanie that she has certainly not been appearing in court; and, of course, where she has had the advantage of a video link that has often broken down as Melanie started to stand up and give her own defence."

"So we would say to our audience today if you want to understand the dangers of the wider upgrade of the court system which Mike has been talking about in many UK Column news editions we are now really starting to see it because where the state has got a vendetta against the accused they can simply make sure that you can never get your evidence into court because they cut the video link."

"Now her solicitor did not appear in Court and a barrister was used to represent Melanie without her instruction."

"This is where things get subtle because I have to say at the moment I`m not able to release all the information that I have. That is for Melanie`s protection. But the fact that her solicitor did not appear in court, there`s not necessarily anything to read into that. However, that a barrister was used to represent her without her instruction we find very strange. That is as much as I can give on that. We may be able to report more in the coming days."

"So Melanie is currently on remand in HMP Styal. Remember that this lady has now served over two years in prison and at least 18 months of that time, possibly nearer nineteen months, she`s spent in solitary confinement and remember that Melanie is a child abuse survivor. She does suffer with trauma, and solitary confinement must have been one of the most vicious environments to put her in that we can imagine. Whether this will be taken into account in the charges we don`t know. She is allegedly facing four arson charges and one of sexual assault. What I can say is at the time these charges were created Melanie was able to say to some of the people in communication with her that she was facing extreme bullying inside the prison. She was fearful for her safety and she frequently talked about being put in a situation where she felt she was at risk of assault, certainly by -  I`ll say overzealous warders - but also by some of the other inmates..."

"We understand that some of the original 2017 charges have been dropped."

"So, how can we sum this up? Well we can best sum it up by saying that it is remarkable that in Theresa May`s conservative Britain in 2018 an extremely vulnerable child abuse survivor is not only kept in solitary confinement and brutalised in a series of British prisons but when her case goes to court we suddenly end up in a black hole where the video links don`t work or the public notices are not published on time. Well there`s a reason for this. We think there is. But let`s have a look at some of the evidence that other people saw."

"This is a report that several picked up where the day was listed as a Non-Compliance hearing. So where this came from we don`t know because it was clear via the legal teams that this was to be a Mentions hearing, and a Mentions hearing if you don`t know is simply the discussion on the procedural aspects of the case."

"Why was it reported as Non-Compliance? We don`t know."

"Now let`s bring in the Independent Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry because I have been personally in correspondence with them about Melanie Shaw and this was a response that I received."  

"Thank you for contacting the inquiry via our Information Line on 13 June. I believe that in your call you asked what the inquiry will do to obtain evidence of abuse at Beechwood Children`s Home from a specific individual who is currently held in prison."

"Well of course there was no specific individual. The lady I was referring to, and referred to in detail, was Melanie Shaw and I was very confident in doing that because as we will see Melanie Shaw has consistently tried to give evidence to the Child Abuse Inquiry. They went on:"

"I am afraid that unless we have the consent of that individual we are unable to contact the individual directly, nor discuss that individual`s alleged experience with anyone else. This is to ensure her confidentiality and right to privacy are preserved. If this individual chooses to contact us directly, then we will be happy to engage with her."

"Brian Gerrish explains: "But the whole point of my call was to report that of course Melanie did not have normal communications and therefore had been unable to make contact with the Inquiry. Hence I alerted the Inquiry and suggested that they actually spoke to her directly. However, we now see that they are not prepared to go into prison to talk to any of the abuse survivors who are currently in prison."

"The Inquiry`s Terms of Reference, which are available on our website... state that we will pass all allegations of child abuse to the police. Having reviewed a record of your call to the Inquiry, it appears that the information you gave about child abuse at Beechwood Children`s home is already known to the police and your call contained no new allegations. As such, we will not be passing this information or your contact details to the police."

"This is remarkable Mike because of course one of the points I made is that when Melanie attempted to give information she was bullied and harassed by the police and subsequently has been put out of commission in prison. So my warning was that the Inquiry needed to speak to this lady in order to see through the wall of silence which has occurred with the help of Nottinghamshire police."

"But it gets more interesting. Let`s move on to this one. I just need to catch up with myself on the other screen. Here we are. So this is an email which has been sent to another IICSA lady, Elizabeth Long. I`ll read it very quickly."

He reads: "Attached is a letter you have sent to and been forwarded on to me by a colleague. I am the Lay Advocate of the lady in question and I do have lawful authority to act for her and have endeavoured to have her rights upheld and her wishes, which are publicly known about from her approaches herself, and on her Facebook page requesting full participation in this inquiry."

"I have been contacting the inquiry since October 2016 on her behalf as she is unlawfully detained against her will and seems there are thousands of prisoners who are being denied access to this inquiry who have had lives of hell due to institutionalised child sexual abuse in the care system in UK."

"I have been told you are going to have a prison line to enable those detained access to this inquiry so when do you intend for this to happen as thousands detained are being positively denied the right to participate and engage in this inquiry"

"On her behalf,  I was due to be visited by an IICSA individual, an inquiry manager from Exeter last August, and am still waiting, likewise my calls to you from October 2016 and August 2017 when I requested copies of them under GDPRA15 seem to have disappeared?"

"When are you going to do as you claim and allow the real victims of CSA access to this inquiry so their voices are heard and form part of it please? You do have the consent of this lady who requires access to this inquiry. If it continues to be denied her situation will be made public of your denial to allow her participation and the bringing of this inquiry into total disrepute."

"I myself contacted the inquiry 11, 13 and 18 June 2018 and once again still no courtesy of the promised return call or response. Why is this?"

"So Mike, it`s becoming very very obvious that the Child Abuse Inquiry does not want to speak to Melanie Shaw. We say that this is because of the very detailed information that Melanie Shaw holds and of course Melanie showed very early on that Nottinghamshire police were not investigating the Beechwood case properly."

"Well here is the evidence that Melanie herself was very keen to speak to the inquiry."

"Part of the Facebook posting."

"And it says here: `I`m coming to see you Dame Goddard. My MP the ex shadow chancellor`s Chris Leslie contacted you for me and PCC Paddy Tipping also did on my behalf and request and you can`t be bothered to get back to me?` "

"Same message isn`t it Mike?..."

"So Melanie herself declared it publicly that she needed to speak to the Inquiry but ... the Inquiry simply says `Go away.`"

"Well we have a little bit more but we`ll keep it very short here because this is part of a communication with the Inquiry about missing information."

"And if I go down to the last paragraph here it says:"

"I have been advised that you said you made contact with the Inquiry last year however there is no record in any of our systems of this call. Now I`m summarising that considerably Mike because viewers can freeze that screen but once again we`re into missing data. We don`t know who called. We don`t know what happened to the phone records. I think we`ve seen all this before." 

"And I`m not alone in warning about what is happening with this ...and I just wanted to say `Thank you very much to the person ... who produced this leaflet which was sent to us`. We received it this morning. If you freeze it on screen you can read it. But somebody has taken the time and effort here to try and put together a short concise summary of what`s happened to Melanie Shaw."

"We will continue to report but I think we have to say the evidence is growing that the Independent Child Abuse Inquiry, in England and Wales at least, is disingenuous, a sham. We`re not too sure between those two, but we`re going to continue to expose what`s happening."

Mike Robinson: "And of course while Melanie is stuck in prison it`s very very difficult for her to pursue her rights."

"They`ve got her completely pinned down Mike. So she goes through the abuse. You set up a national inquiry to talk to abuse survivors and then you make sure that Melanie Shaw can`t speak out. And why do we think that is. Because Melanie Shaw`s information, not only includes the abuse of children at Beechwood, but also in a wider capacity, and again brings in the British political establishment."

Amnesty International would love to hear from you


"Why will they not support UK whistleblower Melanie Shaw, repeatedly raped and abused while in `care`, then subjected to serial incarceration, including eighteen months in solitary confinement, at the hands of the State ?"


[Robert Green]

''I have just had a conversation with Amnesty International, which states on its website `We`d love to hear from you`."

"Bearing in mind this promising invitation, I called 0207 033 1500 and after mentioning the name Melanie Shaw, was promptly transferred to a woman who gave her name as Kathy."

"I gave her my name immediately and asked if Amnesty International were taking any action to assist Melanie, given the fact that she has been persecuted by the British government for several years now and that she is currently being prevented from giving crucial eye-witness evidence to the IICSA [child abuse inquiry]"

"It was quite clear that Kathy was well aware of Melanie`s case, but told me that AI had not made any decision as yet over this case. I asked her how many years does it normally take for AI to make a decision when such a clear denial of basic human rights is the issue."

"Kathy proceeded to read out a long list of the criteria required by AI in order for a decision to be made, finally stating that it had a concern about not making a situation worse. I retorted that I did not think it possible for anyone to currently make matters worse for Melanie."

"I then asked if the British government had been granted immunity from investigation by AI. Kathy gave me a categorical assurance that this was not the case and that all countries were treated the same."

"I thanked her for such a clear statement and asked for her surname. She refused to reveal it. I then asked if she was Kathy with a 'C' or a 'K'."

"It seemed that AI didn`t really love to hear from me."

This is the website contact email of Amnesty International UK:

from facebook page Justice for Melanie Shaw

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Campaigner to end sexual violence plans child rape

"A co-founder of a sexual violence awareness group, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015, has been arrested on charges of child pornography and attempting to sexually exploit children as young as two years old. "

"Joel Davis, who helped found Youth to End Sexual Violence and was chairman of the International Campaign to Stop Rape and Gender Violence in Conflict, was arrested Tuesday in Manhattan on charges of enticement of a minor to engage in sexual activity, attempted sexual exploitation of a minor, and possession, receipt and distribution of child pornography."

"Davis reportedly exchanged text messages with undercover law enforcement officers for several weeks in June, in which he stated that he was sexually interested in children of all ages (`0+`) and sent the officers sexually explicit photographs of infants and toddlers, including photographs in which they were engaged in sexual activity with adults. He also discussed his intention to engage in sexual activity with the nine-year-old daughter of the undercover officer and with the purported two-year-old daughter of the undercover officer’s girlfriend."

Child Abuse, data and wellbeing concerns

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott are in conversation on UK Column News, 29 June 2018, about the Edward Heath article on the BBC website. "Several people emailed to say: This is clearly a case of `thou doth protest too much.` So all of a sudden we`ve got the BBC and other outlets saying that Edward Health could not have been on the island - channel islands - therefore he could not have been involved in any abuse. And when you look for any substance to this story, this is simply claims from Ted Heath supporters and they say: `Never mind what the police did, we had a look at his diaries. It doesn`t show him there; he wasn`t there; so therefore he`s not guilty of any crimes`. So I`m going to label that with a question mark. BBC seems to be back on its old routine of protecting child abusers."

Normalising paedophilia 

"This one several people told me as well. Just incredible. Ted hosted a talk where a young lady took the stage and said, amongst other things, `Let me be clear here: Abusing children is wrong without any doubt. But a paedophile who does not abuse children has not done anything wrong.` As a result of the amount of correspondence to Ted, they`ve taken this video down. But really we`ve got a classic case here of promoting the normalisation of child abuse. Probably that gives a nice lead into David Scott."

Fresh Start Foundation

Mike Robinson: "David let`s start off with the Fresh Start Foundation because here`s Robert Green. We were talking about this [on] last Friday`s news programme here: Robert Green, outside the venue of the Fresh Start Foundation talk. That appears to have not happened."

"No, well it was cancelled at the last minute after discussions on Friday last week. We got a call that due to unexpected maintenance ... the meeting was cancelled. Initially there was a flood... So we went along to the hotel .... to try and see what state the room was in, to see if we could - because this was all very last minute - if it was possible to find a way round this.... to host the event there. They were quite hostile I would say. I`m not quite sure why. We`re customers who had payed a deposit and had been badly let down. So we weren`t treated particularly nicely ... There was no sign of a flood. There was no sign of water. There was one room which didn`t seem to have been used for a while with some plaster down the ceiling. It may have been to do with that; we don`t really know. But the line from the hotel was ... the ceiling had come down and they couldn`t let us use the room. That was unfortunate."

"We managed to book a room just across the road in another hotel... and we advertised that in an hour... You know that one was cancelled as well because they had maintenance going on... The aircom system was being worked on. So although the rooms were there and were empty and there was no sign of any workmen - there were workmen on the roof - so they were going to need access to those rooms. We couldn`t get there either. So that was jolly unfortunate. So at least there`s a lot of maintenance going on in the Aberdeen construction industry. So we`ll all be benefiting. So it`s not a zero sum game here."

"But we went off to the gazebo in Union Street and we had a meeting there and a nice meal afterwards and we had actually a very good day ... Under these sort of conditions people get to know each other that bit better. And a little bit of collective response to adversity never hurt anybody. So it was actually a very good day."

Peter Cherbi`s blog

The next topic refers to Peter Cherbi`s blog who is back on the case of Elish Angiolini, former Lord Advocate of Scotland, who was involved in Robert Green`s case. She has recently been appointed in order to investigate and report on how police complaints are dealt with in Scotland. Cherbi gives a number of reasons why her appointment is a very bad idea.

Read more HERE

Data sharing in Scotland

Mike Robinson: "The Public Commissions Committee. What`s going on here?"

"Well, Alison Preuss and Leslie Scott, my wife, representing the home educators and the Tymes Trust ME charity, have put out a petition together and have sent it yesterday to the Commissions Committee and this is to get an investigation, a public inquiry, into the human rights abuses that have happened in Scotland surrounding the GIRFEC legislation, or surrounding the GIRFEC policy; because GIRFEC, which stands for Getting it Right for Every Child, was a policy whereby information was gathered and shared by the state ... and intervention into family life by the state was generated as a result."

"Now there were certain problems with this and the whole thing was eventually ruled unlawful by the Supreme Court. Problems relate to, firstly, the lowering of the threshold for interventions into family life in which welfare is now known as wellbeing, and wellbeing means anything you want it to mean. It is entirely subjective. So what it gives is the power to state officials, based on a subjective whim, there`s no more to it than that, to intervene into family life, to share information, to investigate families, to investigate children and any associated adult."

"So that`s been going on since around 2013 and there`s a lot of harm; there`s a lot of families who have suffered these investigations and they`re traumatic and there needs to be some form of recompense; there needs to be some recognition of what`s actually gone wrong. And of course the policy`s continued to this day. The current data sharing policy from my own local authority is in this flow chart here."

"And what this says is: `Are you worried or concerned about a child or young person`s wellbeing?`... And if the answer`s YES. `Do I need consent to share information?` NO. `Share information.`"

"So all you need is a worry or concern, which is an emotional reaction or a notion about wellbeing which can mean anything. That`s the current policy in my local authority. So basically there is no data protection if you`re a child or a family with a child in Scotland at the moment. And...that then generates things which can escalate into child protection issues and child protection procedures where there`s no welfare issues; there`s just this assembly of wellbeing worries."

"So that`s what they want, an investigation to stop this, to allow those families who have been harmed some form of remedy; but also to actually inform the state about what is in fact lawful because there`s ongoing consideration of some further Acts to try and sort this mess out and these ongoing considerations don`t seem to be based on any understanding of what has already gone wrong."
Mike Robinson: "So this has had some mainstream coverage. I`ve got the National, as an example of this, but actually it`s had quite a bit of other mainstream coverage in Scotland, David?"

"Yes, the idea that human rights abuse has been happening is now getting through on the mainstream media quite solidly...."
More here:

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Disgraceful statistics

The article begins: "Teenage suicides in London have increased at more than four times the national rate, as growing levels of deprivation and hopelessness grip young people in the capital."

"New figures show self-inflicted deaths among Londoners aged between 10 and 19 have more than doubled since 2013, rising by 107 per cent in the three years to 2016 from 14 to 29 - while across England and Wales the equivalent number increased by 24 per cent."

"Experts attribute the sharp rise to the `over-pressured` environment facing teenagers in the city and a feeling among those in the capital’s deprived neighbourhoods that there is `no hope` for their education and job prospects."

The above statistics came from the Brent Centre for Young People which explained that it had been "`flooded` with cases of mentally unwell young people in recent years, with the number of referrals across North London rising by 59 per cent between 2014 and 2017."

Referring to the suicides of teenagers and young people, Mike Robinson on UK Column News stated: "Frankly I find, you know, 500 children committing suicide in England and Wales to be a disgraceful statistic and it is a reflection of the type of lifestyles that are being forced on people these days, not only through the media, but as this report highlights the fact that this government and ... no government for the last 30 years has offered any hope ... for young people."

He goes on: "Yes we`re being offered retail jobs, coffee serving and shelf stacking. There`s no hope for young people and it needs to be reversed very quickly."

"Needs to be reversed," agrees Brian Gerrish. "And that means we all need to do things. Now one lady who stood up to be counted in a very big way is Christina England. Have a look on the internet if you`ve not come across Christina before. She`s written two books now warning about the dangers of vaccinations. But she`s produced this really excellent article: Medical Kidnap. Well she`s written in Health Impact News and she`s talking about the sheer number of children disappearing from the UK care system. Now why is this important? Well the information is now coming to the surface. We know things are being suppressed in the so-called mainstream media but we now have a number of really good, really well informed, journalists producing information elsewhere. So I encourage you to go and have a look at that later."

"According to a growing number of reports, thousands of children are simply disappearing from the UK Care System (The equivalent of the `Foster Care` system in the U.S.) every year, and what is said to be happening to them is too awful to contemplate."  
"On May 7, 2018, an article published in The Independent, titled `Hundreds more children `farmed out` to care homes miles from where they live despite pledge to cut number`, reported that the number of children in the UK who were being sent to residential homes hundreds of miles away from where they live had risen by 4 percent." 
"The Independent reported that, last year alone, over 9,000 of the children who had been sent away to these homes had gone missing..."

Non-statutory version of Named Person being rolled out

"There is, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom declared recently, `an inextricable link between the protection of the family and the protection of fundamental freedoms in liberal democracies."

"The judges added: `Different upbringings produce different people. The first thing that a totalitarian regime tries to do is to get at the children, to distance them from the subversive, varied influences of their families and indoctrinate them in their ruler`s view of the world`."

"`Within limits, families must be left to bring up their children in their own way`..."

"How revealing then, that this quote comes direct from the Supreme Court`s ruling two summers ago, against the SNP Government`s notorious and hated Named Person law..."

"So we need to be careful. As the Scottish Mail on Sunday reports today, a non-statutory version of the Named Person scheme is being rolled out across Scotland, as we speak."

"The danger is that, even though the Supreme Court has ruled against the statutory plans, they are brought in by stealth nevertheless."

"As the No2NP campaign makes clear, parents should know their rights. If a Named Person offers advice or a service to you, you don`t have to accept it. If a Named Person tries to override your wishes, it is they - not you - who may be breaching conventions on human rights."

[Murdo Fraser, Scottish Mail on Sunday]

Melanie Shaw 21 days past her release date

The politicisation of gender identity

"The targeting of traditional ideas and forms of interaction between boys and girls has gained momentum in recent years throughout the western world. The politicisation of trans-cultures serves as a medium for distancing children from adopting the gender identity into which they were born. In Scotland, teachers have been informed by the Government that they should allow children to change their gender without informing the parents."

"Guidelines endorsed by the Scottish government state, that school kids as young as three `should be supported to explore and express their identity`. The guidelines assume that it is the teacher and not the parent who ought to possess the authority to provide the conditions that allow children to transition to another sex. From this perspective parents are perceived as a problem, who might prevent their child from transitioning. Hence, keeping parents out of the picture is seen as essential to the well being of the transitioning child."
"If Scottish parents object and oppose their child changing their sex, teachers and school staff should report them to the local authorities."

"The Scottish Government has also made it clear that if parents object and oppose their child changing their sex, teachers and school staff should report them to the local authorities. What this means is that if you are a parent who is not 100 per cent delighted that your 4 year old boy Johnny has decided with the school’s help to become a 4 year old girl, Mary you will be reported to the authorities. Welcome to a world where Big Brother has helpfully assumed control over one of the most fundamental aspect of the development of the child."

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Child abuse: the wider picture

UK Column News (12 June 2018) reported on an observer`s account of the police and public`s conduct at the demonstration against the imprisonment of Tommy Robinson:
`Policing effort for the size of the demonstration was very small and it is suggested this was because there was no police intel for planned violence.`
`Police mixed freely with the crowd in their normal uniforms.`  
`Black people, old people and children were mixing freely amongst the crowd.`
`The very limited violence arose around `snatch` incidents and/or with very small number of aggressive `hooligans`.

`The crowds were watched from police control CCTV centres.`
`Forward Intelligence Officers in blue were tasked with apprehending individuals considered to create trouble - they were supported by plain clothed Territorial Support Group officers amongst the crowd.`
`Arrests would need to be under Section 9 of magistrates Court Act with appropriate notes for arrest and de-arrest.`

Brian Gerrish added: "And somebody could be arrested and then de-arrested later. Possibly that happened to the gentleman who was in the video that we`ve just looked at ... And anybody who was handcuffed would be in accordance with Section 117 of the PACE."

Mike Robinson: "Well that`s where the handcuffing happens without there actually being an arrest. So Section 117 ... gives the power of limited force, I suppose..."

Bian Gerrish: "In order to restrain."

"Yes. .. Right OK."

"So a number of things going on there, but we felt it appropriate, now that a little time has gone on, we`ve had more information, to report on what seems to take place in that demonstration. And of course very little reporting in the so-called mainstream media."

"But something quite exceptional took place during the demonstration and we understand that a young lady handed out at least two thousand leaflets in which she was encouraging people to be aware of John Wedger and the excellent information he`s given about the cover-up of child abuse and, of course, that child abuse is not simply Asian child abuse, it extends to - well a full spectrum of people." 

"So this letter has come from a group calling themselves `Political Blackout`. They`re on Facebook if you want to find them. And so the leaflet highlighting John Wedger, a former Scotland Yard CID officer, as they put it, `blowing the whistle on what is going on within the police regarding child sex trafficking here in the UK`. The leaflet says: `What you`re reading is correct. Our establishment i.e the political elite are complicit with these grooming gangs. This is the reason why there`s the media blackout. It`s in order not to protect Tommy, not to protect us, not to protect the grooming gangs, but to protect them, the establishment`. And this is the key point. This is what I find particularly pleasing about this, because the target is correct here."

Brian Gerrish: "Yes absolutely. So we were very encouraged to hear this because it means that the message is now getting out that if we`re going to solve what`s going on with the grooming gangs then we`ve got to look at the establishment, the political establishment, the wider establishment, which are facilitating; they are allowing this to happen; but they`re covering it up."

"And on this very subject we received a call as we were preparing the news this morning telling us that there`s been another case in South Yorkshire of a - now we`ll say a young girl - previously an under-age girl who reported rape in a family situation. The police turned up at the door; they simply asked the older man if he did it. He said: `No` and that is the end of it. The man was not taken in for formal questioning. The police just said to him: `Well, did you rape her or not?` He said: `No of course not guv,` and the police then walked away. And the family members who are of course supporting the rape victim herself ... they actually don`t have any words, Mike, because they cannot believe how the police can do this. But of course this is exactly what was happening with the Asian grooming gangs. So we`ve got the same sort of response from the police, simply continuing."

"And we`ll add to that within the South Yorkshire police area as well we`ve got another ongoing court case that we cannot report on in detail but we can tell you the judge has refused to allow a video with evidence of child abuse to be entered into court. So we have a video which is about a child being abused; the judge has simply said: `I`m not allowing that evidence into court` and he`s then running a case where the key evidence can`t be shown in court. Now of course the guidance from the family law division is that `the interests of the child are paramount` but apparently not in this particular family law case. And of course no press, no members of the public, but the judge solving the problem of rape and child abuse by saying, `Well if I don`t see the evidence then I think we can run this court in a satisfactory way`."

"I`ll add to that, that in that particular case we`ve had connivance from the local authority, their social services, their child protection unit and Cafcass and the legal teams because they have all had copies of the video showing the abuse. So at the moment Mike we have a cover-up through all those individuals and this is the reason for people to be aware that if we focus on one area of the community we miss the root cause of the problem which is the wider political establishment closing ranks to cover up child abuse."

"And a big thank you to our viewer who sent us a copy of this very interesting letter.... This has been produced by Baroness Goldie and she was asked a question in the House of Lords, wasn`t able to answer it at the time, so she responds..."

"It says:"
 `Dear Molly, During the debate on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill on Monday 30 April, you raised a point on the subject of what enforceable child protection measures will be in place once we are no longer an EU member state...`  

`Let me reassure you that the UK meets its obligations under the UNCRC through a mixture of legislative and policy initiatives. For example, in England, the rights and best interests of children are protected through the Children Act 1989, the Adoption and Children Act 2002 and the Children Act 2004, as well as other legislative and administrative measures. If a public body is not acting in accordance with the relevant legislation they may be challenged by way of judicial review in the normal way through the courts. Existing remedies are available if a court finds that the legislation or a policy is contrary to normal public law principles or there has been a breach of the legislation.` 
`The UK`s exit from the EU will not affect the protection of children`s rights in accordance with the UNCRC as these are already protected through existing domestic legislation and administrative measures.` 
`I hope you find this letter helpful...`

"Well isn`t it astonishing Mike that we`ve just talked about just one case going on in Yorkshire at the moment where the state is absolutely not protecting children. We`ve warned, of course, about the number of children disappearing from the care system. We`ve warned about the disappearance of Syrian children but we`ve got the former leader of the conservatives in Scotland saying, `Don`t worry the British state has got it all under control`."

"And if you wonder what she was referring to well here is the document... So this is the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child [UNCRC] and this is a summary sheet. But it`s quite interesting to have a look at what they`re talking about here. One of the things it says, I notice, article 36 top right: `Other forms of exploitation. Governments must protect children from all other forms of exploitation. For example, the exploitation of children for political activities by the media, or for medical research`. Just caught my eye that one. How interesting that the government is involved in all those things to start off with, never mind more direct abuse. What they set out very clearly is that children should be protected from abuse in all its forms. Children should be allowed to speak out. Children in care should be allowed to see their families. Children should not be tortured. Virtually every one of the major rules we can now say that the UK government is breaching those rules. But within the House of Lords clearly clueless as to what is really going on."

`The greatest injustice of our time`

In the video above John Wedger is talking to the ITNJ which has made the following statement:

"The greatest injustice of our time is widespread human trafficking and child sex abuse, and evidence is now mounting that this injustice may be far more sinister than before shared in the public domain, and lead to the highest reaches of religious, secular and governmental world leadership."
[International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ)]