Sunday, 22 March 2020

Coronavirus: some dissenting voices

[UK Column 18 March 2020]

Brian Gerrish: "Right. Well, we`re just going to do a quick section looking really at what the media reports are on coronavirus and some of the statistical analysis. Now I`m going to say we`re absolutely delighted because over the last few days we`ve had quite a few approaches by medically qualified people who are the UK Column to ask if we will put out information because they can`t get the information out via other sources. So is there some other sort of clamp down going on, Mike, that we don`t know about?"

"But let`s have a look at some of the simple things we`ve been given."

"This was an email where somebody was pointing out the advice from their local surgery which is basically, `Disease? We`re off.` So they`re saying that they`re closing."

"Covid-19 advice. Please stay at home (self-isolate) for 7 days without any testing regardless of travel history or contact with confirmed cases, if you have: a new continuous cough or high temperature. If there is no improvement after 7 days you should use NHS111 online. Please do not attend your GP surgery. As of today the surgery is closed until further notice and GPs are doing telephone consultations only..."  

"So that one is quite in your face."

"But we`ve also got this sort of thing where a doctor is warning of the dangers of coronavirus hype."

"This man is spot on but he said: `This is what is really frightening me as to what is going on`, Well of course what he`s watching is massive propaganda by the larger media companies having its effect on the population. But this is not a warning from UK Column, this is a warning from a fully qualified medical doctor."

"We`ve had this slide up before. So this is the British Medical Journal where a doctor says: "`There does not seem to be anything special about this particular epidemic of influenza-like illness`. So what is going on?"

"Well China, of course, is winding down. So we`ve got a report here from a doctor who`s been working in Wuhan. He said: `Together in Wuhan and Henan we`ve managed 988 beds and treated 1,235 patients. .. Thankfully, we achieved zero patient deaths and zero infection of medics during our stay here. Out of a population of nearly 58 million...` But the point is that is good news coming out of China which of course is not being reported to the UK public." 

"And the key warning from medical experts is that they have continually seen data skewed by late reporting of what`s happening in China or the failure to update the Chinese data."

Referring to the above graph: "Chinese data on the left with the arrow [is] skewing the other data on the right."

"Now, getting into a bit of detail here:"

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