Monday, 14 October 2019

MMR vaccine should not be compulsory

"A campaigning Wigan mum, whose son was left brain-damaged by the MMR vaccine, has written to Britain’s health secretary urging him to ignore calls to make it compulsory."

"Robert Fletcher, 27, suffered a catastrophic reaction as a toddler to the triple jab that left him with the mental age of a 14-month-old, and was later awarded compensation from the Government’s Vaccine Damage Unit after a finding that the inoculation was to blame for his seizures."

"But his mother Jackie, who set up the pressure group Jabs to campaign for families still to have the option of single inoculations, has been dismayed at the continued medical establishment and government line that the combined measles, mumps and rubella injection, is perfectly safe."

"And now she has been moved to write to health secretary Matt Hancock after GP chairpersons of clinical commissioning groups in London urged him to promote compulsory MMR for four and five-year-olds."

"They want school entry procedures toughened so that the only exceptions made to the new rule would be for children whose parents have registered a conscientious objection to the triple jabs or those whose health means they cannot have it."

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