Sunday, 27 October 2019

Stories that make the news and those that don`t

James English talks to Anna Brees, a former BBC journalist, about journalism in general and topics such as the cover-up of Westminster paedophiles.
Her book, `Making the News in 2018`, discusses why some stories get heard and others do not.

"Reflecting on my own experiences of working in a newsroom as a newspaper and TV reporter from 2000 until 2011, and, more recently, observing the impact of producing TV-style reports on my mobile device and boosting them on social media, this book is about the power of the message, the money to deliver it, and the instinct of truth and trust that follows."

"When I worked as a journalist, we didn’t have the all-encompassing social media presence in quite the same way as we do today. Journalism was an absolute necessity and existed as a point of contact, a person or organisation who collated and disseminated news. So, as I write this book in 2018, the question I pose is, do we really need journalists anymore?"

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