Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Regulating emotions

"A Perth dad has spoken of his upset and outrage after learning a teacher tried to fit his seven-year-old son with a bizarre electronic contraption to teach him how to `regulate his emotions`."

"Peter Nicol (43) said he was shocked and appalled to discover his son Jake, who attends Kinnoull Primary School, had been singled out and fitted with a newfangled device called an emWave Personal Stress Reliever without his knowledge or consent."

"According to the acting head teacher of the school the contraption, which monitors the user`s heart rate, was fitted to Jake so that he could `learn... strategies to calm down` when he comes `over-excited or angry`."

"In emails to Jake`s parents, seen by the PA, Kathryn Dalrymple explained the machine `shows a visual representation of how children are feeling eg. red for angry/anxious/upset and green for happy/calm/relaxed`."

"The purpose is for Jake to recognise how it feels when he is displaying red emotions and, furthermore, to discuss strategies to alleviate these feelings,` she said."

"But Mr Nicol, an agricultural worker who lives in Bridgend, told the PA that Jake was so upset when one of his teachers, a Mrs Marshall, removed him from his class and tried to use the device on him that when he returned home from school that day he locked himself away in his room."

Can you imagine what it is going to be like when head teachers get control of school budgets?

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