Saturday, 1 October 2016

Care experienced young people to be listened to

"First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ... pledged to listen to 1,000 young people with experience of care."

"Ms Sturgeon was meeting children and young people at Who Cares? Scotland in Glasgow to kick off a project to improve the lives of children in care."

"The 1,000 voices manifesto, put together by Who Cares? Scotland and a coalition of charities, has three aims:"
"To let young people return to care and to extend aftercare; To make sure young people who are looked after at home get the support they need; To make sure more young people have a chance at getting and keeping a job."

Nicola is dripping with sincerity here in this staged event that only looks at one side of the care industry story.

"It`s about being loved," she says. "It`s about being listened to, having somebody to be on your side to stand up for you and to make sure your interests are championed and listened to."

Plenty of emphasis on the listening to.

I can`t help thinking about the four young Docherty children whose parents are being persecuted by Aberdeenshire social services and Police Scotland, who are now isolated in Ireland far from everything they once knew. Who is listening to them and championing their interests? Certainly not Nicola because she does not intervene in individual cases.

Except when it suits her.

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