Monday, 10 October 2016

Teacher crisis, or crisis in governance ?

"The teaching recruitment crisis in Aberdeen has worsened with the news the city council is searching for replacements for two more head teachers who left their positions last week..."

"Education convener Angela Taylor said that cries for help to the Scottish Government have been `met with silence` and claimed the named person legislation was putting people off..."

"We have made representation to the first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and the deputy first minister, John Swinney, looking for help, but this plea has so far been met by silence..."

"A Scottish Goverment spokeswoman responded: `The legislation to introduce a universal named person service for every child and their parent/carers was backed by a wide range of children`s charities and professionals and was passed in the Scottish Parliament with cross-party support and not a single vote against."
Which does not say much for the charities or the political parties who were prepared to see a law put in place that breached children`s human rights.
"`We are consulting on a review of governance which will explore all options to ensure the right balance of autonomy and accountability in our education system`."
Governance, autonomy, accountability: don`t make us laugh.
Let`s have a look at the Scottish judges who have been fighting against transparency into their own dodgy affairs while they gave the go ahead to these human rights breaches. And do check out Carloway:

Read here

Scotland: just one JOINED UP `parcel of rogues`.

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