Sunday, 16 October 2016

Fife Council failed to retrieve a sensitive document sent to wrong address

"AN under-fire social work team sent sensitive case details about a vulnerable child to the wrong address and have failed to collect them five months after being told of the blunder."

"Sandra Gallagher was shocked when she received classified details about a five-year-old schoolgirl by mistake."

"But despite raising the alarm with Fife Council chiefs within minutes of opening the mail in May, no one has collected the file..."

"Sandra received a four-page file, known as a `child wellbeing minute`, which provided details of care issues surrounding the girl and her family."

"The girl was considered as being at risk and also subject of an investigation into physical abuse claims. It was alleged she had been attacked by her mother who was described as battling a drink problem."

"According to the paperwork, her parents denied she had been the victim of an assault during a Child Protection Investigation."

"The error emerged after the council’s social work department were heavily criticised over the case of tragic infant Liam Fee, who was murdered by his mum Rachel Trelfa and civil partner Nyomi Fee in 2014."

"Liam’s social worker Lesley Bate was removed from the care register after a hearing into her handling of his case. A Scottish Social Services Council conduct sub-committee struck her off but said `systemic failures`at Fife Council had also played a part in the `pattern of misconduct that developed`."

"Fife Council are looking for a new £116,000-a-year head of children’s services after the previous head, Craig Munro, resigned earlier this year."

[An] "insider questioned the legitimacy of the Significant Case Review launched following Liam’s murder. Douglas Dunlop, Fife’s head of education and children’s services, announced the probe after the Fees’ guilty verdict was delivered at the High Court in Livingston...."
"But Dunlop was the senior manager for children’s services during the period covering Liam and Mikaeel’s deaths and the vice-chairman of the child protection committee."
"The source said: `Dunlop has announced an investigation into the organisation for whom he was responsible when Liam died, yet he is also the vice-chair of the body who decide who chairs it and who the inquiry reports back to`." 
"Surely there’s a huge conflict of interest`."

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