Friday, 7 October 2016

Help wanted for Melanie Shaw

It was announced on UK Column News that today is Melanie Shaw`s birthday and she needs people`s help more than ever.
"Please write with your concerns to Prime Minister Theresa May, Home Secretary Amber Rudd MP and local Nottingham MPs, and more."
"Melanie is no longer in HMP Peterborough. After a short period of freedom she`s now banged up in Foston Hall prison in Derby. We do not know whether she`s on remand or has been charged and convicted and is now serving some form of sentence... What we can say is she is again being denied her long term medication which she has needed to cope with the trauma of the abuse she suffered as a child. So no medication; and we understand that some of the staff in this prison are particularly brutal."

"And we`re also going to say ... what has happened to Melanie Shaw is ... that once she had spoken out and particularly when she`d identified that Nottinghamshire police were lying when they said they had conducted interviews with certain people; that was untrue because the people had already been dead for some three months; once Melanie spoke out about the deliberate failure of the police to investigate, her own son was taken from her by Nottingham social services and we now understand the treatment of that child is less than satisfactory."


Reported in an earlier programme:
"I would like to reassure any victim or survivor who is concerned that their experience may be excluded from our work that I have no intention of asking the Home Secretary to revise or reduce our terms of reference."
Professor Alexis Jay OBE  [Chid Abuse Inquiry]

Following this announcement by Professor Jay, and thinking in particular about Melanie Shaw, Brian Gerrish gave the inquiry Media Team a call and he asked: "Does that mean you are saying that nobody who has been abused will be rejected by the inquiry?"

The Media Team was unable to tell him what that statement really meant and they promised to double-check and get back to him. That was the last he heard from them. 


  1. Please light a candle, pray and send love in the hope of bringing deep peace and comfort of spiritual love permeating deep into the soul of Melanie Shaw. Who is in a dark and unjust place because of the British politico. In also praying and remembering others less fortunate than ourselves. That they may find Peace, comfort, joy hope and the kind good love.
    From 42:07 please watch what they have done to this poor woman who is a victim of Institutional child abuse and blew the whistle on it....
    Uk Column Link here:
    Father watch over and protect Melanie Shaw from this tide of absolute evil, send your angels to her to make the way straight for her with immediate affect, I pray this in Jesus name Amen


    7pm Robert Green On Hollie Greig & Melanie Shaw.

    Listen live to Andy Peacher discussing Child Abuse, False Arrest, Gagging Orders and common fraud against the Citizens live on Freedom Talk Radio.

    The time has come for change and a complete overall of the current system that exists within the British Establishment, which is being microscopically explored at this time, where the crucial preparation of such timings is paramount for a critical adjustment essentially to eradicate all of the fraudulent misconduct of service from any such public services that are indeed, funded by the citizens of the UK.

    It should be noted, that there are dedicated teams of professional experts who are consciously exploring the potential prospect of illuminating and stamping out a situation that can only be described as criminal injustice by public servants against whistle blowers and victims.