Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Preventing dissent

"Prevent is a part of CONTEST the UK Government's counter-terrorism strategy. It is led by the Home Office and supported by the Scottish Government... "
"This Guidance suggests that Health Boards review existing arrangements for protecting vulnerable adults and children as a starting point, and consider adapting them to deliver Prevent objectives so that Prevent is mainstreamed into frontline healthcare services." [And education, of course, since it is all joined up.]

The Ferret reported on Prevent at the end of last year in relation to a Glasgow City Council training programme:

"Using Freedom of Information legislation, The Ferret obtained details of an internal Glasgow City Council (GCC) course entitled Protect Against Terrorism, which was produced to advise the council’s 20,000 employees on potential terrorist threats."
"In a section entitled What is Terrorism? GCC cited `animal rights`, `environmental` and `anti-nuclear` under a sub-heading Who Are Our Current Threats?...."
"Richard Haley, of Scotland Against Criminalising Communities (SACC), said: `Animal rights, environmental and anti-nuclear campaigns have somehow found their way onto slides used by Glasgow City Council for online staff training on PREVENT, where they are identified as current terrorist threats`."
"`These are of course legitimate issues for people to campaign about, and Glasgow City Council will no doubt have staff members who are involved in such campaigns. Their inclusion as terrorist threats is alarming and misleading. Regrettably, it is part of a wider pattern`."

It is part of a much wider pattern as Mel Kelly has pointed out.

Child protection, the children`s hearing system, governance of schools, are all being transformed in Scotland at the moment to accommodate Prevent into GIRFEC and the Named Person scheme.  Everything they are doing is about managing the itsy bitsy detail of personal life.

They intend to run a very tight ship.

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