Thursday, 13 October 2016

NHS Tayside forced to remove leaflet

"A HEALTH board has been forced to withdraw a leaflet for parents over fears it could lead to breaches in data protection rules, following a recent supreme court ruling on the Named Person scheme."

"NHS Tayside had been handing the leaflet to parents attending Accident and Emergency departments warning that information about a child might be shared with health visitors, school nurses or social workers. Crucially, the leaflet said this would be done when it was in `the best interests" of the young person`."

"However, campaigners against the Government’s Named Person policy argue this is unjustified, especially following a Supreme Court ruling that judged sharing confidential information on vague child welfare* grounds without informing the child or parents was `disproportionate`."

See also Parent gets NHS leaflet removed after ruling

* Note the persistent confusion between welfare and wellbeing.

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