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Child abuse investigations lead nowhere

[UK Column 7 September 2017]

"There`s a new report out on the Rotherham child sex abuse case, says Mike Robinson and the new report states basically that no charges will be brought against any of the senior staff at Rotherham Borough Council. The report described various and substantial organisational failings: 1400 children at risk of sexual abuse, many of them abused and... as the headline from the Star says, `Rotherham child sex abuse reports branded `waste of time and money` and they are quoting a survivor of the sexual abuse at Rotherham who has branded the six reports into the scandal a waste of time and money. This is Sammy Woodhouse; she`s waived her right to anonymity and they`re reporting that she`s spoken out after these reviews have been published and no-one being held to account."

"Now this decision also has been slated by Sarah Champion who is the local MP and you know this continues to go on. But the key point here, as the Star points out, is that the view of many people - the view of the author of one of the reports - is that the Rotherham Council`s failings were more of a cock up than conspiracy and our argument at the Column is that it`s quite the opposite."

"Now I had a call this morning from a resident of Sheffield which is close by and he had recently reported to the police that he was aware of a survivor of the abuse at Rotherham being seen leaving a building in the red light district of Sheffield and that building is believed to be a brothel run by Asian gangs. And of course if you remember Rotherham child abuse rings were being run by Asian gangs. Now rather than investigating the report to the police, the police contacted the Sheffield resident ... and proceeded to interrogate him in a pretty intimidating way. At no point in this intimidatory interrogation did the police express any concern for the girl that was identified as coming out of a brothel."

Mike Robinson then shows a short clip from a video that has been put on Youtube by a gentleman called Phil Day. He says: "This isn`t directly related to Rotherham but it does highlight some important points..."

[From Phil Day]

"On the 29/03/2016 my daughter was interviewed by 2 police officers at our home. She described in detail how she had been raped by a schoolteacher on a ski trip to Austria. 10 weeks later 10/06/2017 a 15 year old girl called Lauren Lelonek went home from school and hanged herself. She had the same teacher who is the suspect in the rape of my daughter."

"On the 17/06/2016 I sent a safeguarding referral to ... Safeguarding. They rang me to discuss [the] referral, but instead of gathering evidence about Lauren and my daughter, the local authority designated officer was writing an email to the police with the intention of having me arrested for making threats to kill.
I was arrested on the 24/06/2016 and during [the] interview PC Martin Reagan of Cheshire police asked me did I want to rape the teacher who I suspected raped my daughter."

"I was charged with threats to kill and possession of a shotgun.
I was remanded in custody. The shotgun had been surrendered within the firearms amnesty; the charge was discontinued."

"In September 2016 I made a complaint against the police who interviewed my daughter on the 29/03/2016, on the basis they ignored a statutory requirement to report safeguarding concerns to the Local Authority... My complaint was upheld. They should have recorded the crime of rape and they should have informed Safeguarding by 30/03/2016 within 24 hours as required by Parliamentary Statute..."

"The Police think it is appropriate for the officers to have management advice."

"This is only a very brief account of the last 7.5 years. Everything above is documented."

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What the Rotherham case and the Phil Day account have in common Mike Robinson believes is that they expose the fact that child abuse is not always investigated by the police and can be deliberately turned against the complainant.

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