Monday, 12 September 2016

Wising up? Or just playing the political game?

Happy, happy, happy.  Everything in the educational garden is rosy in Wales.

Or maybe not.

Because some people are asking: Is Curriculum for Excellence right for Wales?

"Scottish Education Secretary John Swinney has raised concerns over Scotland's curriculum - the blueprint for reform in Wales."

"A major overhaul of Wales’ national curriculum has been called into question after warnings teachers could end up on a `mystery tour` of what and how children learn in Welsh classrooms."

"It follows concerns from Scottish Education Secretary John Swinney that similar curriculum reform in Scotland which is being used by the Welsh Government as a blueprint has caused confusion as to what is expected of pupils and teachers."

"He said Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence (CfE), which was implemented in Scottish schools in 2010, provided a broader education for young people but `what the system requires is greater and sharper clarity over what is expected`..."

Welsh Conservative education spokesman Darren Millar has said:

"...[The] Scottish Education Secretary is so openly critical of his own country’s curriculum reform, now six years into being, it would be reckless for the Welsh Government to push ahead with a reform so closely based on the same model without first pushing the pause button to reassess."

You betcha !

AND: "Professor Donaldson, whose report into Wales` national curriculum recommended that key stages be ditched and replaced with `progressive steps` was heavily involved in the development of Curriculum for Excellence."

Recall that GIRFEC is at the heart of Curriculum for Excellence. As well as practice being a `mystery tour`, it means that the principles which underpin the curriculum have proven to be a disaster !

Gareth Evans: Is Scotland really the best model for Wales' education system?

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