Saturday, 3 September 2016

Loss of liberty

"Hundreds of thousands and millions more, have and will, lose their liberty for ever in England and Wales, on the basis of a simple authorisation by Local Authorities."

"A standard Deprivation of Liberty authorisation can be issued by any Local Authority."

"Nearly a thousand years, after Habeas Corpus ensured citizens could not be imprisoned without due process along came the Mental Capacity Act."

"It allows agents of the state via a simple, effectively unopposable, bureaucratic process to remove all freedom for life, for profit."

"By secret encagement, total control and enforced medication of our citizens."

"All that is needed, for this unimaginable hell, is for the citizen to be 18 or over and suffer from a mental disorder."

"And for the Local Authority to suspect, or assess they lack the ‘capacity’ to decide for themselves about ‘the restrictions’, which the state feels it needs to impose upon them, to ensure their ‘care and treatment’ in their ‘best interests’."

"And, there is no valid advance decision to refuse treatment or support is in place, which can in any event be overridden by retrospective ‘incapacity’."

"As, can any Lasting Power of Attorney, and a Deputyship can be revoked."

"So Individual autonomy is lost, and all decisions can be made by the state."

"So once ‘incapacity’ is even suspected, which can and does happen, if a person is diagnosed with a mental disorder establishing an MCA ‘impairment of the mind’."

"And the state has 375 ‘disorders’ including Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Learning Disability to choose from."

"So effectively anyone can have their autonomy removed, if they fail to avoid the state’s mental health detectors."
In Scotland there is the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 which is just as bad.


  1. Thank you Alice for posting this.

    All gets more and more frightening and totalitarian.

    We are all impotent.

    Surely, someone must want, at least to stop all this per se

    Or at least before it happens to them ?

    There is not even exposure except by you and me.

    Such systemic planned evil for so long by all
    political parties

    It is impossible to believe, that such evil could be legalised and implemented by such stealth for profit.

    Families torn apart, parents forever exiled, millions encaged and abused for life for profit.

    And the is happening in child protections, with 30,000 per adopted baby/child, and so many fostered by venture capital backed companies they are running out of foster parents and building care homes that charge 200,000 a year and special residential units for those excluded from school.

    All from our money. We pay for our own and our childrens abuse and torture.

    And on the back of costing cutting welfare and reducing the deficit, when huge amounts of public money are spent, more than ever with no accountability for amount or service.

    Why ?

    Thank you once again.

    Best Wishes, Finola


  2. We have the Named Person in Scotland which is supposed to be a single point of contact for families so that, when and if required, the Named Person can coordinate services around that child. Actually, there is a lack of services and when a disabled child grows to eighteen there is very little. Adult children can be taken from their families and placed in England, 200 and more miles away.

    The elderly are also part of this same evil system. Care homes are springing up everywhere and it is a nice earner for some. You`ve already mentioned the fostering and adoption industry.

    As for the Named Person, it is just an excuse to collect and share data. Surveillance is very totalitarian.

    Thankfully, the No to Named Person campaign group made an appeal to the Supreme Court on the grounds that the data sharing breached Human Rights and the Supreme Court agreed that this was unlawful. It just shows what a small, disparate but determined group can do.

    Surely, there is something fundamentally flawed about the Mental Capacity Act and how it is being implemented, when people can be locked away for life while their condition deteriorates. I would have thought the first principle should be: first DO NO HARM. If not, that`s got to be against Human Rights too.

    I would try to build bridges with other groups fighting against these type of issues, so that there is more exposure of the rotten system itself. It didn`t grow by accident. It was designed.

  3. There are no groups to try to build bridges with.

    I have tried. I put comments on the changes needed to Capacity in MCA on the LB campaign site years ago to put in LB Bill AND got mo where.

    You can see from my blog posts, the flaws in MCA ie Capacity, but it is impossible to get an action to supreme court, to change the illegal implementation of the test, and even if that happened, it would probably be deliberate sop to pretending to change the system, as was Cheshire on DOLs, so that now they just make sure their paperwork is in order.

    Thank you for your reply. THE
    only hope
    appears to be
    a new type of politics that will at least put a chink of light into all this secret totalitarianism and control and use of people as commodities and control of our families, communities and minds.

    Best Wishes Finola

  4. I`m surprised that you got nowhere with the changes needed to Capacity in MCA and the LB Bill.

    I used to read the Small Places blog to try and get a handle on the Mental Capacity Act which I have always found overly complicated. But I always got a sense that arguing about the legalities is one thing; how things work in reality is completely different.

    Even when a piece of legislation is reasonable, such as the Children (Scotland) Act 1995, social workers still write fraudulent reports and children are removed from their parents without justification.

    A new type of politics, and exposure of the corruption at the heart of it all? Yes.

    That means we have to stand by and protect whistleblowers and open courts up to public scrutiny.

  5. As with Cheshire's affect on DOLs ie just more bureaucracy for the private care providers, the Named Person campaign's success may be similarly phyric, in that it will result in coerced consents to sharing information and redacting and hiding more.

    As you see from one of my posts, similar illegal sharing is happening now under MASH, and put in place by the implementation of the Care Act 2014.

    The system uses the courts and campaigners to cover up and do their bidding.

    The LB campaign/ Lamb/ media/ Winterbourne reports/ Hubb etc achieved effectively nothing, except the excuse to plough millions into private, often now venture capital backed coffers and move all 'treatment' of autistic/LD to local private provision for life, ensuring huge future income out of public funds, and misery for many families, and increasing and financing the policy of removal of disabled at 18 under the MCA.

    It is a bleak outlook for the disabled's and their families future, as unaccountable, maximum profit community hospitals, medicine and living is put in place.

    The legislation- MCA Care Acts have been deliberately drafted and implemented to do the opposite to what it says on the tin.

    To remove family carers and capacity from the mentally disabled were their real aims, which are now being aggressively implemented at a local level.

    It all appears hopeless and very depressing.

    Best Wishes, Finola

  6. I see that Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASHs) are single points of contact for all professionals to report safeguarding concerns with the aim of safeguarding vulnerable children and adults from harm, neglect and abuse.

    The agreed core functions of a multi-agency are listed as:

    1. Acting as a single point of entry
    2. Enabling thorough research of each case to identify potential risk...
    3. Sharing information between agencies..
    4. Triaging referrals, exemplified in the use of agreed risk ratings...
    5. Facilitating early intervention ...
    6. Managing cases through co-ordinated interventions...

    All of these functions are similar to those which have been allocated to Named Persons in Scotland.

    At the same time, I see from a Freedom of Information request that although Scottish Borders do not have a MASH they have a co-located Police, Child and Adult Protection unit, which is staffed with staff from social work, Police Scotland and health.

    So well protected - or should I say `at risk` of state interference in the Scottish borders.

    Powerful groups in society have the technology and algorithms (Big Data analytics) to manage society. That includes managing US, but in THEIR best interests.

    And as you have implied, if they do not get the data one way, they will get it another way. And yes, with these systems in place, it will be abused. Humanity has a huge fight on its hands.

    Thanks Finola for your contribution. I`m sorry you are so personally involved in this nightmare world.