Friday, 30 September 2016

What`s happening with the NHS ?

"On Tuesday, there will be an event at the Tory Party Conference which will be discussing the future of the NHS:"

"As can be seen by the flyer, the event is organised by a right-wing think tank called the Institute of Economic Affairs."

"Which is interesting. Because the IEA thinks the NHS should be abolished."


I agree with Finola Moss`s comment. The NHS has been sculpted from the inside out and only a shell remains. Before Thatcher there was a consensus view that the NHS was untouchable. Ever since then, it has been systematically dismantled while claims are made that nothing of the kind is happening. All political parties have taken part in the deception.  It`s a global agenda.

But it gets worse.

In Scotland there are eight wellbeing indicators at the heart of children`s education. Despite the Supreme Court`s judgment that these indicators cannot be defined in law, there seems to be no way of getting rid of them. Children are being assessed in their classrooms accordingly, sometimes quite covertly.

The government`s intention is that children who are failing to meet the wellbeing standards required of them, should be offered early interventions to bring them `back on track`.

The third sector is expected to play an important collaborative role in designing and implementing the early interventions, setting up nice little not-for-profits and businesses along the way. It`s not quite mental health; it`s not quite education; it`s a construct that has been developed as the first step towards privatising the management of children`s behaviour. And yes, there will be more opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry and more customers for the increasingly privatised care sector.

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