Sunday, 18 September 2016

School governance review

There are moves towards taking schools out of local authority control and introducing a system similar to free schools in England, only without actually making that explicit. There will be more power for Named Persons and unelected regional boards. It`s a big step towards privatising Scottish education.


"However, the programme for government states: "Currently, legal responsibilities for delivering education and raising standards in our schools sit largely with education authorities, not with the schools and teachers that teach our children and young people every day."

"The governance review will start with the presumption that decisions about individual children’s learning and school life should be taken at school level and will explore how support at every level of our education system can be aligned to deliver that empowerment and drive improvement."

"The document said the review would examine the changes required to `empower schools, decentralise management, establish school clusters and create new educational regions`."

"In parallel, there will be a review of the impact of existing legislation to involve parents in schools to ensure families, as well as teachers, are the `key decision makers`."

The education budget is about £3 billion in Scotland and provides rich pickings for public-private partnerships whether that is school buildings, educational materials, databases, surveys, assessments or early intervention programmes.

To find the Governance Review see HERE

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