Saturday, 3 September 2016

There`s no prospect of justice in Scotland according to a group of survivors

"A group of child abuse survivors are to have their case heard by the English inquiry into the issue amid claims they face `no prospect of justice` in Scotland. White Flowers Alba, which represents about 30 adults abused in childhood, has been awarded `core participant` status by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse, which is being led by Professor Alexis Jay."

"The group, whose members were allegedly abused by Catholic priests, said it had been failed by the Scottish inquiry, which covers only those abused while in care. A spokesman said: `We had a cut-off date to make ourselves known to the English inquiry, so to protect the interests of our members we applied`."

"`We face no prospect of justice in Scotland. We had to act. Had we had an equitable inquiry in Scotland, this would not have been necessary.` The group’s members include those allegedly abused at the former Fort Augustus Abbey school in the Highlands. While the Scottish inquiry does include abuse in care settings such as Fort Augustus, White Flowers Alba said its members had more faith in the English inquiry to investigate properly..."

"Survivors have repeatedly called for the remit of the Scottish inquiry to be extended to cover organisations which had a `duty of care` to children such as the Catholic Church and the Scouts. Deputy First Minister John Swinney has agreed to look at the issue, but there is growing frustration that the Scottish Government has not acted quickly enough."

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Well done to HOLLIEGREIGJUSTICE for taking the opportunity, first comment, to alert readers to both the Hollie Greig and Docherty cases. They both expose that child abuse allegations are not always properly investigated in Scotland.

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