Tuesday, 13 September 2016

British woman cries out for help

"A British woman has been held in a cage in Saudi Arabia  by her father, who controls nearly every aspect of her life, a court was told this week."
"Swansea-born Amina Al-Jeffery, a 21-year-old dual British-Saudi citizen, was taken from her home in Wales by her father Mohammed Al-Jeffery, 62, four years ago, the court heard. Her father reportedly disapproved of her behaviour when she lived in the UK."

suesspiciousminds provides an update of the case:

"The ‘cage’ element is obviously the major motif of the story, but there is perhaps more to that than one might think from the Press coverage."

Looking at the judgment: "It reads more as being in a room that had a barred window and that she was not permitted to leave the home and had very restricted access to the outside world as Holman J says, she was deprived of her liberty and could be described as being caged, but she was not ‘in a cage`."

"The Judge had made as part of his order that the father must allow his daughter to speak to her solicitor in confidence to provide instructions. That did not happen."

"It was a very difficult scenario. On the one hand, the Court was looking at someone who was an adult living in another country a country where rules and law and customs are not exactly the same as ours and the potential of interfering with that sovereign state, and on the other there was a British citizen crying out for help and no prospect of it arriving if the English Courts did not intervene."

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