Wednesday, 14 September 2016

A positive identification

The above video, an interview between Brian Gerrish and the Docherty family, was uploaded to Youtube on 9 September 2016. It gives a summary of the events surrounding the removal of the Dochertys` four children.

On the same day the video was uploaded David Scott gave an update to UK Column News about the case. It related to the identification of the policeman Sam Buchan who is mentioned in the interview.

"We now have a positive identification of the policeman who came to the door of the Dochertys... the man the Dochertys believed to be Sam Buchan wasn`t Sam Buchan as we pointed out last week. It was in fact Sergeant Gilbert Buchan..."

"So this is the man who came to the door . This is the man who presumably altered the reports. This is the man who has got a lot of questions to answer."

In an earlier UK Column News the Dochertys are reported to have said: "Sergeant Buchan was older; he had grey hair; he had completely different features."  I`m not sure that the above photograph actually fits that description. I understand that retrieving an image from memory is not a reliable process but facial recognition is much more dependable. Also photographs may be out-of-date. Perhaps this will be clarified in due course.



Court appearance Friday. See below.

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