Friday, 9 September 2016

Keeping families from foodbanks

"Befriend A Child’s Debbie Thomson said many "struggle to afford three meals a day" during holidays when there are no school meals."
"She said: "These free food programme sessions offer local families the tools, knowledge and information to help them with budgeting and making healthier food choices even on a low income..."
There is nothing wrong with information about budgeting or healthier food choices but this is only confusing the issue. The reason people are forced to go to foodbanks is because they are being sanctioned and this is true whether they are in low paid jobs or out of work. There has also been a deliberate policy to phase out the Social Fund, forcing people to rely on publicly funded `charities`. It`s another example of BIG SOCIETY.
"Communities Secretary Angela Constance said: `I have been very clear that no-one should have to rely on emergency food provision in Scotland, and this money will help to ensure we can create sustainable solutions to food poverty`."
I note the use of the words `sustainable` and `food poverty`. These appear in documents from UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030. Drill down to what they actually mean and they are about `arresting technological development` and `lowering consumption`. Well done Angela Constance for the doublespeak !

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