Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Hundreds of children have gone missing

"Hundreds of children who came to the UK as refugees have gone missing, prompting fears that they are being sexually exploited or have been sold by human traffickers, according to government data revealed by The Independent."

"UK authorities have no information about 360 refugee children, according to the figures obtained by the paper from the Home Office under the Freedom of Information Act."

"A total number of 9,287 children have arrived to the UK as `unaccompanied minors` over the past five years. Eighty-one of the 360 vanished children have been missing for five years, a further 77 disappeared four years ago and 87 others disappeared off the radar three years ago."

"The government has `failed` to ensure the safety of the minors who arrived unaccompanied to the UK, and they are `being let down by a system which is meant to keep them safe,` campaigners and MPs say, according to The Independent."

"Refugee children in the UK are most commonly sent to children’s homes or are placed with a foster family. Social workers are obliged to constantly check on them by arranging meetings and making phone calls."

"Unfortunately, the problem is not uncommon in Europe."

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