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The Achill Island connection

Before Mike Robinson and David Scott go on to talk about the Docherty case , they introduce a site called Integrity Ireland.

"On the right hand side there is a document where certain issues are listed," says Mike Robinson.  "For example: Failure, neglect and/or breach of statutory duty. Denial of due service. Failure to uphold the law and the Constitution. Abuse of authority. Misuse of statutory instruments and facilities. And so on it goes."

"Now this is quite a long document but within that document a name appears and that name is Mary Malee. And within the document the text says: On the same day January 23rd, at the `urgent` meeting scheduled by Ms Mary Malee of the HSE Child Protection Services, the Mannings discovered that a completely false and vexatious `referral` had apparently been made to the Child Protection Services, by local Gardai, concerning the January 6th incident."

"What was the January 6 incident?  Give us a bit of background to this."

"This is relating, believe it or not, to Achill Island and the local football club in Achill Island. Now Achill Island was the second place the Dochertys based themselves while they appealed for some justice in Scotland. And there was some football related dispute and a vexatious and entirely false allegation of wrongdoing... in terms of sexual crimes against children...This false allegation received considerable support from the local gardai and the local social services, specifically, Mary Malee . This is a name that crops up also in the Docherty case."


"Right, so we`ll just move on here because here`s another document referring to this case which also mentions Mary Malee and it just says:"

"Mary Malee, the HSE Child Protection Officer (now TUSLA) who apparently exonerated George Collins* without carrying out any investigation whatsoever or contacting any witnesses, is the very same individual who subjected the Manning family to a `robust investigation` based on some of the anonymous lies posted on the Internet by George and Paul Collins in 2010."

"In her role as lead investigator, Ms Melee interviewed the Manning girls aged 8 and 10 at the time - as well as their 6-year-old Downs Syndrome brother - without the parents being present. Ms Malee tried to solicit damaging comments from the children about their father, but was unable to do so. The Manning parents were 100% exonerated of any suspicion of wrongdoing and the case was closed."

"Mary Malee would surface again in January 2013 when she was appointed again to investigate Stephen Manning on charges reportedly lodged by the local Garda Chief Superintendent that Stephen had locked his children in the house unsupervised for three days. This vexatious referral arose out of an incident when Paul Collins (the criminal brother of George Collins) visited the Manning home `incognito` in January 2013 along with a Garda escort and proceeded to intimidate and frighten the Manning girls. When Mr Manning contacted the Chief Superintendent for an appointment to discuss matters - the vexatious referral was made to TUSLA."

"So there seems to be a fair amount of police supported intimidation going on here and supported indeed by Mary Malee," says Mike Robinson to David Scott.

"Yes, and a huge amount of common ground with the Docherty case. What we have here is vexatious reports. We have the child protection services being targeted on to certain individuals who are innocent, with other concerns being ignored. We have what would appear to be conspiracy between elements in the Garda and elements within TUSLA to target certain individuals and we have a complete disregard for the rule of law. And at the centre of it all we have Mary Malee."

"OK here we are. This is what Brian Docherty had to say about her:"

"Ms Malee repeatedly committed perjury against my family during our court hearing. She said a great many things which were completely untrue, from petty details to potentially destructive, shameful lies. The only reason why a social worker, as ambitious as she, would attack an innocent family so viciously and illegally is if she had been instructed to do so by someone very senior in the organisation. She had clearly been given carte blanche to achieve this in any way she could. Not only did Malee continuously lie, she was also wickedly deceitful in passing on information to the Judge which Malee knew to be untrue and had assured us would not be given to the Judge."

"So what more do you need to say?"

"We are also hearing, Mike, that elements in the Irish government are trying to pin everything - what Brian is saying there is that Mary Malee would have been instructed to behave in this way - but there are elements in the Irish government that are trying to pin the whole Docherty situation on Mary Malee, in order to exonerate themselves. So as they say in Scotland, Mary Malee`s coat might be on a shoogly peg."

"So the next thing you want people to take a bit of action..."

"Just before we get to that, the reason I prompted this is what we have is a letter that came in from TUSLA to the Dochertys. It refers here to a recent court hearing that the Dochertys didn`t know was happening. District Court Judge Alan Mitchell - that`s another name that crops up in those documents we`ve just been seeing from Integrity Ireland.  Director of Child and Family Agency TUSLA to write to the Dochertys outlining the conditions you`re required to satisfy for reunification to be considered.  So in order for TUSLA to even consider reuniting the Dochertys with their children and bearing in mind there are no allegations whatsoever of any sort against this family - this is what TUSLA are looking for:"

"A complete psychiatric assessment, a complete psychological assessment, attending a meeting with social worker [inaudible] and team leader [inaudible] as we plan supervision access going forward with the CFA -  so supervised access.  Provide the CFA with details of where you are living and supply current contact details. Agree to a family welfare conference taking place. Agree to a parenting capacity assessment. So all of these requirements only for TUSLA to then consider whether or not the Dochertys` children might might be returned to them."

"So that I think is dreadful and as a result ... I`m suggesting we would like as many people as possible to write to the court... and the main points I`d like people to get across is that TUSLA has no lawful excuse for violently seizing the Docherty children. So that`s essentially kidnap, not child protection."

"Brian and Janice Docherty have been assessed by a psychiatrist and she said they had `resilient` and `dynamic` mental health. TUSLA have absolutely no grounds for suggesting otherwise. There is no allegation that these people are less than entirely competent."

"The guardian ad litem Patricia Molony stated that `From my own perspective as a children`s guardian ad litem I can assure you that I believe and have informed the court that they have four wonderful children whose presentation and abilities, sensitivity and care for one another is a testament to you both and to the loving which you have provided to each of them`. So how can that equate to a parenting assessment? There is no reason to have a parenting assessment. In conclusion, the continuous assault on this family cannot be justified and must end forthwith, without either delay or conditions."


"We probably would prefer post, if possible, David, because that tends to have quite a bit more weight."

Clark of the District Court
Letterkenny Court Office
The Courthouse
Co. Donegal
Republic of Ireland

"Yes post would be ideal and make sure all the letters are polite and reasonable; respectful but forceful and make the point that there is clear unlawful behaviour by TUSLA and it is the duty of the court to see that justice is done."

Mike Robinson then informs listeners that David Scott has been talking about the Docherty case on the Open Your Mind radio show.

Archived, 28 August 2016 : Begins about 26 minutes. 

* From Integrity Ireland: `Documents and census records in our possession indicate that George Collins is a 2nd cousin to Taoiseach Enda Kenny.`

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