Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Putting the record straight

John Swinney has put the record straight in the Press & Journal about the Named Person scheme.

Parents in the Highlands asked for it. The pilot has been a great success. Children and families are not obliged to use the service. Charities love it. If a recent poll has found that 70% of people do not want the service, this is because it has been misrepresented by political opponents and some commentators.

It`s the same record, over and over. Now for the important part:
"The Supreme Court`s ruling, however, requires changes to be made specifically to the information sharing provisions of the 2014 act with the court determining that ministers needed to provide greater clarity about the basis on which health visitors, teachers and other professionals will share and receive information in their named person role..."
"I have been working to address the issues raised by the Supreme Court judgment, but that judgment has inevitably delayed implementation of the policy. I will make a statement to parliament this week to outline the government`s next steps in implementing the policy."

Can`t wait.

Meanwhile, another data sharing breach which caused much family distress has been exposed by Alison Preuss in the Express.

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