Tuesday, 27 September 2016

An invitation to the Queen

"A group of grandmothers in Lancashire have written an open letter to the Queen telling her their concerns about  fracking."

"And from 2pm [today] the nanas will be delivering the letter and having what they call Nana Tea outside Buckingham Palace. They assure they will be bringing their `best crockery` in case she `pops out`."

"Here’s the letter:"

*The Grandmother Elizabeth,

*Please note that we address you in this way, out of respect for what we consider to be your noblest role and highest obligation: to protect the young.

We recently contacted you about the plight of Lancashire residents who have used every democratic channel available to them in the fight to stop fracking coming to their communities. If you recall, our elected county councillors refused planning permission for two fracking sites in rural Fylde: Cuadrilla then appealed and the decision will now be made by the Secretary of State very soon. We appealed to you as our last democratic resource and asked you, ‘What would you do Ma’am?’.

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