Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Coatbridge hoax ?

By JuliaM at Orphans of Liberty
"Coatbridge Police, in Lanarkshire, pleaded with teenagers not to get involved with the Paracetamol Challenge as it can lead to organ failure and death.""Eh..? The what?" "… young people dare each other to take excessive amounts of the drug on social media.""Do they?  Do they really..?"

"But reports that there is no evidence young people are daring each other to take excessive doses of paracetamol, and the #paracetamolchallenge hashtag is mainly populated with tweets discouraging teenagers from attempting it.""Hmmm. Maybe Coatbridge Police should investigate themselves over misuse of social media..?"

Ordinarily media outlets take care when reporting teenage suicides for fear of copycat incidents. But this nonsense about a paracetamol challenge has been going on for weeks.

I think Julie M is rightly suspicious. It`s time to call a halt to it.

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