Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Desperate dad charged with stealing out-of-date food

"Police were called after Paul and Kerry Barker were spotted sifting through food which was destined for the bins at the back of the supermarket."
"A judge has slammed prosecutors for charging a desperate dad who stole out-of-date food from Tesco with theft, asking: "How are they expected to live?"

"Paul Barker, 39, and Kerry Barker, 29, were spotted on CCTV sifting through groceries at the back of a store which were destined for the bin."
"The couple are down on their luck and say they have virtually no money to look after themselves or their kids."

"But they found themselves arrested and taken to court after police were called to the shop in Sunderland in January."

Kerry and Paul Barker had just  £8-a-week to live on when they were caught on CCTV taking food. The stress continues because their home has recently been burgled.

With 12 billion cuts in welfare to come, many more families will struggle to exist.

Johnny Void breaks down some of the figures and questions whether there has been an upturn in the job market:



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