Friday, 8 May 2015

Surprises galore in 2015 general election

"Labour's election supremo Douglas Alexander has lost his seat to a 20-year-old university student standing for the SNP."

"In the first high-profile Labour casualty of the night in Scotland, the Shadow Foreign Secretary lost to Mhairi Black in Paisley and Renfrewshire."

"Ms Black, a third year politics student at Glasgow university, will become the youngest MP since 1667 after the sensational result."

"She turned Mr Alexander's majority of more than 16,000 into a 5,684 lead for her party, with almost 51 per cent of the vote..."

"Mr Alexander, who was Labour's election coordinator, conceded the results were pointing to a "difficult night" for his party."

"Scotland has chosen to oppose this Conservative government but not place that trust in the Labour Party," he said. "It will be our responsibility to re-win that trust in the months and years ahead."

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