Friday, 1 May 2015

Possible misconduct investigation

"Mr Vaz said in 1991 that Lord Janner had been the victim of a ‘wicked attack’ and campaigned for a change in the law to prevent any repeat. Mr Vaz, the Labour candidate for Leicester East, praised Lord Janner as a ‘great survivor’."

"Allegations against him were first made public in 1991 during the trial of Frank Beck, a manager of Leicester children’s homes accused of abusing more than 200 boys."

"Despite the controversy, Tony Blair elevated the backbench politician to the Lords as a life peer within months of Labour sweeping to power in 1997."

"Janner, it should be stressed, strongly denied the allegations against him – including claims of rape – when they surfaced nearly 25 years ago at the trial of Frank Beck, a care-home warden suspected of abusing scores of children in his care. Beck, a former Liberal councillor, was given five life sentences."

"One of the detectives who worked on the Frank Beck case was Mick Creedon, who is now Chief Constable of Derbyshire. Last year he made a sensational claim in The Times. He said there was ‘credible evidence’ against Janner and that he and his colleagues wanted to make an arrest but were prevented by ‘more senior people’ from doing so."

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"The only serving policeman to have tried to arrest Lord Janner over allegations of child sex abuse faces a possible misconduct investigation."

"The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said yesterday that it would be interviewing Mick Creedon, chief constable of Derbyshire police, over his role as a detective sergeant when investigating the former Labour MP in 1991."

"The officer broke his 23-year silence over the case last year to tell The Times that he had wanted to arrest Lord Janner of Braunstone and search his addresses but had been stopped from doing so by senior officers."

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