Sunday, 10 May 2015

Social and emotional learning platforms

Accept social and emotional learning and mindfulness training into the classroom and this is the next step:

AT & T are taking mindfulness training into the digital age:

"Momentous Institute and AT&T, through the AT&T Aspire initiative, have released three mobile apps that can help children better understand their emotions. The organizations are using the apps to expand the reach of the best ed-tech solutions for students."

"Research shows that social emotional health is an indicator of how well children succeed in school and life. "[What research ? ]

"The AT&T Foundry worked with Momentous Institute and an app developer to translate social emotional health techniques to a digital platform. Students with a mobile device can now use the apps to help regulate their emotions and focus on tasks at hand—whether they are at school, at home or somewhere in between."
Settle Your Glitter guides students through a deep breathing exercise that helps allow them to regain control of their emotions and shift their focus back to learning. .
Breathing Bubbles helps students reflect on their good feelings and release their worries in an effort to improve their mood and emotional well-being. 
Pass the Drop helps a classroom or group of students focus their attention on the work at hand with the goal of reducing distractions.

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