Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Smart children

(G)lobal cities are increasingly driving world affairs — economically, politically, socially and culturally. They are no longer just places to live in. They have emerged as leading actors on the global stage. [Back to the Feudal system perhaps ? ]

Smart Cities

It was raining heavily and I was walking back home in the `smartest` city in the UK, that is, Smart Glasgow, and called into a local shop for a purchase.

"Get the hood down." was shouted at me. Well that is what it sounded like. I paid no attention as I went around the shelves until I heard it again.

"Get the hood down," and now two female assistants from behind the counter were aggressively shouting at me.

I admit I made a big mistake and took my hood down in order to check what they were saying. "Did you say get the hood down?"  I asked.

"Yes, you`ve got to get your hood down. It`s on the door,` one of them said.

"I`ve never heard anything like that in my life," I said. "I`ve called into this shop often. Oh I see, it`s face recognition is it? "

"It`s for security,` I was told.

" Smart Glasgow," I said, "The dumbest city in the UK."

Before I left with my purchase I said: "I`m putting my hood up in the shop before I go back out into the rain, OK ?"

They both laughed. They had done their bit.  Both of them were being recorded on the same CCTV as I was - and we all knew it.

Fortunately for me, I think, I had paid for my purchase with cash, and my identity would not be matched with my activity that day.

Smart Children

We need to warn children who are being led in schools towards internet dependency and a cashless society that behind the technology there are people who will gain financially from their helplessness. No matter what they say, they do not work in children`s best interests.

Data is power.