Thursday, 21 May 2015

An open secret

"It’s been salaciously described as "the movie Hollywood doesn’t want you to see", and while this sounds like marketing hyperbole, An Open Secret’s rocky road to the big screen suggests it might not be too far from the truth."

"The film, a documentary about the sexual abuse of child actors in the entertainment industry, has struggled to gain distribution, been rejected by numerous festivals and received cuts to excise some of the more litigious content. Its US release is now moving forward this summer to 5 June, and an out-of-festival screening at Cannes took place this week to appeal to international buyers."

"Director Amy Berg, who previously explored child abuse within the Catholic church in the Oscar-nominated Deliver Us From Evil, has made an unrefined yet compelling film that makes allegations of a paedophile ring in Hollywood that preyed on young boys eager to make it in the industry. A group of managers, agents, publicists and directors would manipulate youthful ambition to their advantage, associating sexual activity with career progression. "

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