Monday, 11 May 2015

Implants for girls as young as 13

"There is a strong correlation between deprivation and teenage pregnancy.. "

"In the most deprived areas in 2012 the rate of teenage pregnancies in the under 16 age group is 4.6 times the rate in the least deprived areas (10.5 per 1,000 and 2.3 per 1,000 respectively). "

It can also be seen in the graph above that the ratio of abortions to deliveries is highest in the least deprived areas. This fact is not often discussed. I`ll resist saying anything about private health care and what that means about the true figures.

In an ideal world tackling poverty and deprivation might be the best way forward.  But we do not live in a world like that.

Here`s the Daily Record:

"GIRLS as young as 13 are being given implants in an effort to cut teenage pregnancies in Scotland. [From the most deprived areas, no doubt.] The move is part of an effort to encourage sexually active youngsters to use long-acting reversible contraceptives."

"In the last five years, 3000 LARCs have been prescribed to under-16s. The hormone releasing implants, which are placed in users’ arms, can be effective for up to three years."

"Other LARCs  – which can be prescribed to girls from the age of 13 without their parents knowledge if doctors and nurses are satisfied the youngster understands the treatment – include coils."

"These contraceptive methods don’t rely on the user taking regular medication and are thought to be better for young girls as a result. [The long term health consequences for this age group has never been tested.] However, some campaign groups believe they encourage underage sex and warn they risk spreading STIs...."

"About a third of 15-year-old girls in Scotland are sexually active* and the country has one of the highest teenage pregnancy rates in Europe."

* It would be interesting to know where the statistic that a third of 15 year old girls are sexually active comes from.

As if all of this was not bad enough, the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 assigns a Named Person for every child and young person in Scotland.

This means that youngsters may be able to hide their sexual activity from their parents, but according to recent guidance about the legislation, not from their Named Persons.

Parents are expected to stand aside while an army of state officials take care of their underage daughters, in secret.

Anybody else find fault with this ?


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