Sunday, 31 May 2015

Education for a new economic model

"Climate change offers an ideal context for learning within Curriculum for Excellence, providing many opportunities to develop children and young people as global citizens and deliver experiences and outcomes across many curriculum areas."  So says Education Scotland.

Having experiences and outcomes in global citizenship is one thing;  but as the above video shows, climate change is not providing children with an education which allows them to apply themselves rationally to the scientific questions. Narratives of gloom and doom give the game away.

On the right hand side of the Education Scotland blog there is a link to Skeptical Science. At first I thought this was an attempt, at least, to appear to be offering a balanced approach. But no. Taking a look inside the website there is this statement: "Scientists should always challenge themselves to improve their understanding. Yet this isn't what happens with climate change denial"

No such criticism is made against `climate change alarm`.

At the Victoria Park in Glasgow the fossil grove has eleven fossilised tree stumps aged about 330 million years old. They are the remains of a huge forest which was buried and later formed the coal seams which Glasgow used during its period of industrialisation, releasing the trapped carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere again. It can be thought of as a recycling process.

Those ancient trees were enormous, the reason being, that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was greater than it is today. In the presence of sunlight, plants use carbon dioxide in order to grow.

It is shameful that children`s education is so impoverished that they are being made frightened of what is, in fact, essential for life on the planet.

Some have called it a hoax:

"The Australian prime minister's chief business adviser says that climate change is a ruse led by the United Nations to create a new world order under the agency's control. The statement coincided with a visit from the UN's top climate negotiator."

"Maurice Newman, chairman of Prime Minister Tony Abbott's business advisory council, said the UN is using false models which show sustained temperature increases because it wants to end democracy and impose authoritarian rule."

"It's a well-kept secret, but 95 percent of the climate models we are told prove the link between human CO2 emissions and catastrophic global warming have been found, after nearly two decades of temperature stasis, to be in error," he wrote in an opinion piece published in The Australian newspaper on Friday, without providing evidence."

"The real agenda is concentrated political authority. Global warming is the hook,” he said, adding that the UN is against capitalism and freedom and wants to create a “new world order.”

Some have admitted there is another agenda:

"At a news Brussels, Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of U.N.'s Framework Convention on Climate Change, admitted that the goal of environmental activists is not to save the world from ecological calamity but to destroy capitalism..."

"Referring to a new international treaty environmentalists hope will be adopted at the Paris climate change conference later this year, she added: "This is probably the most difficult task we have ever given ourselves, which is to intentionally transform the economic development model for the first time in human history."

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In order to understand the complexity of heat transfer at the earth`s surface see

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