Saturday, 2 May 2015

Grandmother must stop harassing her daughter and paedophile husband

A multi-agency safeguarding hub (MASH) was set up in Devon (2011) in order that the various agencies with a responsibility to identify and assess risks to children could work together in one location.
The stated intent of the MASH is to improve the quality of information sharing and decision making at the earliest opportunity and to reduce the potential risk to children and young people. This was based on the premise that the value is in the collation of an intelligence assessment - gathered from information across health, education, the LA and the police - resulting in a better picture of the child and circumstances on which to inform decision making about further help and intervention.
So in place of Scottish Named Persons and their multi-agency teams, in Devon there is the MASH.

Here is one of the hub`s extraordinary decisions:
The grandmother of two girls made to sleep in a locked bedroom to protect them from their paedophile stepdad has been banned from contacting them.
She was summoned to her local police station, interviewed for more than an hour and ordered to sign a Police Information Notice after she alerted the Sunday Mirror to the situation last month.
Officers acted when the girls’ mother, who is married to the convicted paedophile, complained of harassment.
She now faces being prosecuted - and even jailed - if she contacts the paedophile or his wife, her daughter.
The grandmother said: "No one will listen to me. His rights seem more important than those of anyone else."
The quiz by Devon and Cornwall officers came days after the Sunday Mirror revealed the move by social services in the county to allow the paedophile to stay in the same house as his step children, on condition they sleep behind a locked door fitted with an alarm to prevent him abusing them.
The sick plan was backed by Devon Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub, made up of police, probation officers and social workers.

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