Thursday, 14 May 2015

Clan Childlaw set to join court battle against Named Person scheme

"A charity that provides legal help for children is set to join the court battle against the Named Person scheme."

"Community Law Advice Network (Clan Childlaw) recognises that the plans could result in children having no expectation of privacy, and could lead to them shunning helplines and advisory services."

"Currently information can be shared without a child’s consent if there is a "risk of significant harm" to a child."

"But under the Named Person scheme information can be shared if there is simply concern for a child’s "wellbeing".

"Alison Reid, Principal Solicitor of Clan Childlaw, said: "We all want to make sure that children and young people in Scotland are protected and recognise that when child protection issues arise, these need to be shared appropriately amongst professionals."

"However, where there are no child protection concerns, a child, like anyone else, should be entitled to a level of confidentiality when accessing advice."

Nicola Sturgeon confuses child protection concerns which nobody would argue against, with controversial wellbeing concerns.

"In January the Christian Institute’s attempt to prove the law was incompatible with the ECHR was rejected by Lord Pentland after a judicial review but an appeal against that decision is to be heard next month."

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