Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Cameron will target those who obey the law

A mother has been told she will be jailed if she continues to criticise social workers who forced her three-year-old son into adoption.

The woman was taken to Hull Family Court over posts she made on Facebook. Judge John Dowse warned her she would face prison for contempt if she posted anything further about the case in the next five years.

She had her three children taken away by North East Lincolnshire social services after temporarily resuming a relationship with a violent partner who had been jailed for domestic abuse.

It can be seen that at present protest is not allowed against decisions made by the secretive family courts and censorship already exists for certain groups in society.

That includes whistleblowers and campaigners against child abuse by those in authority. Robert Green who had his computer (evidence) confiscated has been gagged for life.

Who will be next on the hit list ?

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