Thursday, 14 May 2015

Protests In Nottingham


Update from Uk Column 15. May 2015. 

Melanie Shaw has been reported to have pled guilty to false imprisonment of a health care professional charged with providing Melanie with medical help at her home. No-one knows exactly what happened, but Melanie had been released out of prison in a very poor condition at that time.

Disregarding the views of her own psychiatrist,  another psychiatrist appointed by the court, who wanted her sectioned at a previous hearing,  has been assigned to assess Melanie Shaw`s mental health in his own privately run assessment centre. (Vested interests)

It is uncertain who represented Melanie Shaw at the latest hearing but the lady Melanie nominated to be her lay legal adviser has consistently been blocked.

No visitors have been allowed access to Melanie Shaw in prison. She does receive a few letters.

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