Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Father of Mikaeel Kular says report is `not real`

From the Courier:

"Tragic Mikaeel Kular’ father has criticised a case review into the death of his three-year-old son for leaving "unanswered questions".Zahid Saeed, 31, revealed he still thinks about Mikaeel every day and wants to ensure no one has to endure a similar ordeal.An independent significant case review into Mikaeel’s death said it "could not have been predicted".

"Mikaeel died two days after being beaten by his mother Rosdeep Adekoya, 34, at the family’s flat in Edinburgh in January last year. She then wrapped his body in a duvet and buried him in a suitcase in woods behind her sister’s house in Kirkcaldy. Adekoya then returned home to Edinburgh and reported her son missing, sparking a huge search."

"Mr Saeed told The Courier: "No one is God but the social work departments could have done more to save Mikaeel."The report is not real. It gives no real answers to what actually happened."The review was launched after Adekoya admitted culpable homicide in July last year." 


From the Daily Mail:

"A summary of the review, published (21 April 2015) concluded that Adekoya's behaviour towards her son was 'unprecedented and out of character' and that the killing 'could not have been predicted', even though a number of concerns had been raised and the toddler had spent time in care."

"Between February 2012 and July 2012, Fife social work and NHS Fife health visiting services carried out a number of joint home visits after concerns were twice raised. Mikaeel, referred to in the report as MK, was taken into care in July 2012 after Adekoya left (him) and her other children unattended."

"He remained with foster carers until August 2013, while social workers were waiting for a Children's Hearing before returning the boy to his mother. The report published today noted that while waiting for the hearing, contact arrangements were not increased. "

"The review team felt that this should have been undertaken and used as an opportunity to test out and monitor his mother's ability to manage her parenting responsibilities. After Mikaeel was returned to his mother, the family was visited five times by Fife social workers and twice by the Edinburgh health visitors..."

"The report identified examples of good practice but also identified 13 areas for future learning and action for NHS Fife, Fife social work services and other organisations including the Scottish Government..."

" 'The report does make a number of recommendations around the sharing and management of information. We're keen to support this in whatever way we can."

"The full report is not being published as it contains detailed, personal and private information, although a summary has been released."

"Professor Scott McLean, NHS Fife executive lead for children's services, said: 'NHS Fife accepts today's independent report findings in full."

 "'The report highlights that professionals communicated well with each other and worked collaboratively to care for Mikaeel and his family."

"A Scottish Government spokesman said: 'The sudden, un-natural death of any child is a tragedy and the untimely death of Mikaeel Kular continues to reverberate across Scotland and in particular, the communities in Fife and Edinburgh where he lived..."

" 'We accept the recommendation directed at the Scottish Government and we will consider the implications of the report very carefully."

" 'We are currently consulting on guidance and secondary legislation accompanying the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act which will help meet the recommendation."

" 'We have worked, and will continue to work with, partners and through parliament to strengthen how statutory agencies and children's services work together to identify and respond early to concerns about a child's safety or wellbeing, including most recently through the Children & Young People (Scotland) Act.' "

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