Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Rampant paedophilia in Britain

"About 750,000 sexual predators are constantly prowling the internet in a bid to gain contact with children, a United Nations report warned. The number of sites devoted to child pornography worldwide is growing. The number of predators connected to the internet at any one time is estimated to be 750,000,  said Najat Maala, Special Rapporteur on the child prostitution and child pornography issue."

"Unicef also estimates there are more than four million websites featuring minors, including those of children aged under two years."

"More than 200 new images are also circulated daily, according to Ms Maala, who pointed out the production and distribution of child pornographic images rakes in between $US3 billion and $US20 billion a year."

It is a billion dollar industry and, although they have the technological means, those in positions of power do not have the will to curtail it.

Also bear in mind the estimate of 750,000 sexual predators out of a global population of nearly 7 billion.

According to a Mail on Sunday article which was reported on Father`s Day, and you have to ask why, it looks like most of the paedophile predators are men who live in Britain. This news/propaganda was then spread throughout the media.

From the Telegraph:

"The NSA [National Crime Agency] now estimates that 750,000 men living in Britain have an interest in having sex with children, with 250,000 sexually attracted to children under the age of 12. The figures are based on academic research and comparisons have been made with other countries in order to provide as accurate a picture as possible..." 

The NSPCC, always ready to chime in, warned: "(As) many as one million children in the UK could have been the victim of an assault, but most crimes are never reported or investigated."  [ So how do they know ?...And has anybody talked to the United Nations? ]

"Karen Bradley, the minister tasked with preventing abuse and exploitation said society was at a watershed." [Yes it is, but not the watershed her friends have in mind.]

"The figures also come just weeks after Sue Berelowitz, the woman leading the government’s inquiry into child sex abuse warned there was not enough land available to build the jails needed to incarcerate all the offenders."

Or we could say the figures come just weeks after MPs and  survivors of sex abuse complained that the Independent Inquiry into Child Sex Abuse was dragging its heels and no living politician within recent times has ever been prosecuted,  never mind charged with child sex abuse.

Here are a few critical thinkers commenting on the Daily Mail article:
"I wonder if these figures are so high as they would for example include a 16, 17 ,18 or 19 year old lad who wants to sleep with and his 16 or 17 year old girlfriend as they seem to consider 16 & 17 years old children in these stats."
"Where are your references for the sources of your statistics? Ridiculous to make these claims without citing credible sources."
"Makes you wonder what is "natural" behaviour, and what is "aberrant"
There are no credible sources for the information and statistics get muddled and confused with more socially acceptable behaviour.

As for making people wonder what is `natural behaviour` many people would suggest that that is the whole point of the media exercise. It kind of fudges what those at the top of the tree have been up to, while insinuating with trumped up figures, that many other men in the UK would like to be getting away with it too.

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