Thursday, 25 June 2015

Concern adoption will be prioritised

Nicky Morgan MP Secretary of State for Education

"MPs have raised concerns about the government’s focus on adoption, arguing that it should be "one of a range of options" rather than the "gold standard" for children in care."

"Their concerns were voiced on Monday evening during the second reading of the education and adoption bill. The bill will see adoption agencies encouraged, or forced, to merge their services into regional agencies."

"The Department for Education has recently pledged £4.5m to help the formation of regional adoption agencies this year."

Proposals on other permanence options
"However, speaking at the reading, Labour MP Bill Esterson called on Nicky Morgan, secretary of state for education, to acknowledge that for more than 90% of children in care, fostering, residential or kinship care is the right option instead."

"The bill says nothing about that, which raises concern that adoption is being considered the gold standard, when it should actually be only one of a range of options, which should be considered in full," Esterson said."

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