Thursday, 11 June 2015

Abuse at Beechwood care home

11 June 2015

A message has appeared on Facebook about an hour ago that Melanie Shaw may have been released from Peterborough prison. It was Melanie Shaw`s testimony that was responsible for the instigation of operation Daybreak.

The Report has proved false.

 Brian Gerrish

13 June 2015 

"Update ‪#‎freemelanieshaw‬ we now know that Notts Police Commissioner was told that she had been released and he passed this on on a meeting with David Hollas. So information made public in good faith. But key question is - who had sufficient 'ear' of the Police Commissioner for him to believe and pass on incorrect and / or deliberately misleading information? Note also the demolition of the Beechwood home so forensic evidence being destroyed whilst Operation Daybreak supposedly still going on and another high profile witness to abuse Joni coming forward."

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