Saturday, 6 June 2015

Metropolitan Police have breached Human Rights Act

Breach of Professional Oath

by Sabine Kurjo McNeill

"What is particularly horrifying is that Justice P. claims there has been "a full and thorough investigation", but it is self evident that this has not occurred: to examine and pursue all leads given would take many, many man-hours, months or years and besides which, several alleged abusers have admitted that no-one has questioned them! The matter has not been properly investigated and to claim it has, is a falsehood..."

"Justice Pauffley shows a breach of her office I believe, by ignoring the judicial precedent set by a recent case with similar circumstances. Mr Justice Green found in the Worbys case that the Metropolitan Police had breached the Human Rights Act of 1998 by failing to investigate crimes of rape due to rape victims "not being believed". The judge found that "it is a legal duty to properly investigate allegations of rape and serious assault" and that when people were "not believed" this had serious psychological consequences, which were "almost worse than the rape itself". Surely this Human Rights Law applies equally to the similar crimes in Hampstead? This case, like the Worbys one, is also under the Metropolitan Police. "
"Why was this legal precedent not followed in the Hampstead case?"
"The recent ruling is a perversion of the course of justice bearing many similarities to the way in which the Scottish establishment treated whistleblowers and legal representatives in the Hollie Greig child abuse case. It has turned justice on its head, preparing to punish the innocent and allowing the guilty to walk free."

"Justice Pauffley has ignored key evidence, denied scientific proof, not believed victims, refused to investigate fully, failed to follow judicial precedent, wrongly accused whistleblowers, smeared legal representatives and tried to intimidate the public. I insist that she now be held fully accountable for perverting the course of justice and breaching her oath of office."

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