Thursday, 25 June 2015

Deep learning to transform human evolution

" Education Plus is the hidden dividend that learners come to acquire if they are educated in what we call the new pedagogies powerful new learning modes steeped in real world problem solving now made more telling through recent, rapid developments in the use of technology for interactive learning."

"We can and will define the core learning outcomes as the `Six Cs of Deep Learning`, but we first must understand the existential essence of this new human being. It is no exaggeration to say that the new pedagogies have the potential to support a fundamental transformation in human evolution..."

(Michael Fullan & Geoff Scott)

Could there be a more dangerous idea than that ?

Some of Deep Challenge`s global partners include Intel, Microsoft, the British Council and European Schoolnet.

Michael Fullan

"Every time we have learned something on scale it`s because we`ve created a living laboratory. This is my third laboratory of substance. The first was in England when Tony Blair focussed on literacy and numeracy ...."
 (Michael Fullan)

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